The paper describes research of properties of conditionality of task to optimization of regime parameters of technological processes of concentrating of iron-stone is on the basis of forming of goal function with application of multi-layered neural networks.
In article the research results of terms of formation of iron oxide black from pickle liquor are presented.
The results of studies of technological schemes, allowing to carry out mining steep deposits, while ensuring the safety of technological processes are given.

The management of the resources educational institution

25/09/2014 5:15pm
Опубликовано в automatization
The structure of the management of higher education according to the criterion of efficiency, which, in contrast to existing, provides control on the achievements of the institution and the level of use of resources, and a model is developed to assess the level of resource management when scheduling classes.

Автор: Morkun Vladimir, Burnasov Pavel

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The usage of spline interpolation for processing of experimental data at determining heat conduction coefficient of antistick coatings used during freezing mold casting.

Автор: Lisenko T. V., Zamyatin N. I., Tur M. P., Khudenko N. P.

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New elements in relation to machine building and mining industry with application of construction materials using mount system of mine opening as an example are considered.
Critical analysis of approaches for solution of the problem of increase of reliability and service life of open coarse-grained gears of spherical ore-pulverizing mills was carried out.
The article covers the results of performed tasks concerning repair of metallurgical equipment including conveyer belts of by-product coke plant  and sintering plant and also compensators of bell-less tops of blast furnaces with the help of modern polymer materials, allowing to fulfill hermetization of various assemblies without  removal of equipment on-site of exploitation.

Автор: Ishchenko A.A., Golinka S.N., Grishko V.P.

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Environmental competency of future mining engineers

17/09/2014 3:21pm
Опубликовано в engineer pedagogics
Environmental competencies of future mining engineers are determined in this article.

Автор: Hryshchenko Svitlana, Morkun Vladimir, Semerikov Sergey

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The article reveals the model of usage of geoinformation technologies during formation of environmental competence of future mining engineers.




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