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"Metal-Club" is an industry image project, which is addressed mainly to the heads and leading managers of companies, specialists who prepare and make decisions.

Our edition is aimed at placing multifaceted information, which allows making effective and optimal decisions in the professional activity of a metallurgist. Metal-Club concept is based on artistic approach to design, specialized topics describing practical life of metallurgical, mining and allied industries, production and sales dynamics and other indispensable elements of modern information industry publication.

Our Metall-Club is an online magazine for people working or preparing to work in metallurgy. On the pages of our publication we want to tell and share with our readers news, innovations, finance and economics of the industry, personnel changes and much more. In each of the suggested headings, we will cover a variety of events in the steel and related industries. We will recall interesting facts from the history of metallurgy, talk about social problems of the industry's employees, and post useful background information.


This column tells about famous scientists, industrialists and researchers who devoted their lives to science, materials science and technology.  Coverage of significant events that influenced the development of industry and science.  Reflection of interesting facts from the history of science, physics, chemistry, applied mechanics, everything that has and has a decisive influence on the development of science, technology and industrial production.


The rubric is devoted to the use of metal production technologies and metal products in various kinds of armaments. Covering topics in terms of the application of the results of scientists, engineers, researchers, workers, and testers in technologies related to weapons. Our goal in this column is to tell about those discoveries, inventions, technologies, and people who participated in the creation of weapons.  Historically, the most advanced and high quality mankind has used weapons in the first place. As we talk about people, events, and weapons, we will try to separate history from the goals that people set for themselves in creating different kinds of weapons.


A section on the use of metals and metal products in engineering, transportation, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, and aviation. A special theme is the use of metals, metal products and metalworking technologies in space technology and space exploration.


The use of metals as jewelry, interior items, jewelry. Artistic forging and casting, jewelry, design and architecture, use of metals in musical instruments.


Sports and everything connected with it and related to metallurgy. History of sports societies and teams that were created with the support of metallurgical enterprises, the use of metals in sports facilities.


The most important historical events connected with the development of metallurgy and technology in general, stories about major mineral deposits, industrial centers and regions.


Section about leaders of modern industry, science and technology. Heads of industry, company managers, scientists, specialists, researchers, teachers and students, industry veterans.


Your opinion of Metaljournal project materials. "Always on the move" is the philosophy of our magazine.


Tables, formulas, reference values, and much more to help the modern engineer in today's world.


Photo and video materials, reports, interviews about the metallurgical and mining industry.


Expert correspondents, journalists, photographers and artists are welcome.

"Metal-Club" is information for making effective decisions!





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