Everything Remains to the People


Everything Remains to the People

In Memory of Professor V.I. Gubinsky

...even at a time when man's strength and intelligence had disappeared, gratitude and tenderness still lived on in the hearts of men.

"Man has two worlds: one that created us; the other that we create from age to age according to our strength," for man's life is his deeds. That is how Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Thermal Engineering and Ecology of metallurgical furnaces of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, an outstanding scientist - heat engineer Vladimir Iosifovich Gubinsky began his last article, which he did not have time to finish. On November 3, 2015, he would have turned 85 years old. Unfortunately, people pass away, but the memory of their deeds remains. Of course, these are books, scientific works, textbooks, inventions, etc., but in our opinion no less important is the warmth, attention, care, personal example in work and simply in life, which are not forgotten while relatives, students, associates, friends are alive. It was the personality of Vladimir Iosifovich that was the catalyst that turned students and pupils from formal students into heat engineers, whose interest in their profession led and continues to lead them in life. The deep knowledge of the subject and the talent of the lecturer, who is well known within and outside the Academy, made the students feel the exceptional importance of their specialty and remain faithful to it throughout their lives. The charm and energy of Vladimir Iosifovich, his devotion to his work inspired not only pupils and students, but also people far from science and teaching. Here are his recollections (from drafts) on this occasion: "In 2003, I had a massive heart attack. When I was allowed to, I invited my graduate student Andrei Rybalov to come to my hospital to move toward the completion of my work. We were located in the canteen room, next to my room, and studied for about half an hour a day. One of the patients was watching us with strange interest. One day the doctor told me that this man wanted to meet and talk to me. It turned out to be a well-known middle-aged local businessman, also with a severe heart attack. He talked, and I listened and could not comfort him. The gist of his confession was: life is ending and he has not seen it, communicated only with the people he needed to generate income, he has nothing behind him, nothing to remember. Despite the fact that I have a heart attack, he envies me..." What else one would like to remember about Vladimir Iosifovich is his devotion and love for the teaching profession, his beloved Academy and of course for the department. Addressing to the staff, students and graduates at the department's 75th anniversary, he said: "What is happiness, everyone understands it differently, but together we all know that we need to firmly love and cherish our spiritual homeland, which is called the department of metallurgical furnaces of NMetAU!" He was an excellent educator; he loved young people, understood them and lived their interests.

"To the teachers who preserved our youth.

To all honestly: both dead and living,

Raising to their lips the life-giving cup,

Remembering no evil, for good we repay."

(A.S. Pushkin).

Colleagues, students, friends

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