Born on November 11th:

Pavel Matveevich OBUKHOV (1820 - 13.1.1869), a metallurgist who discovered the way to produce high-quality steel. The founder of large-scale production of cast steel and steel gun barrels in Russia. In the late 1850s, he developed a project for a new factory for the production of steel artillery, which went into operation in 1860 and was named the Prince-Mikhailovsky factory. The Obukhov's gun, which withstood more than 4 thousand shots, was awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition (1862).

Vasilii Ivanovich KALASHNIKOV (1849 - 26.2.1908), a Russian designer. He created original samples of ship steam-powered plants, for the first time used steam engines with multiple expansion of steam for river vessels. He also invented a nozzle for spraying fuel oil, superheaters, blowers, etc. In 1886 he founded the journal "Nizhny Novgorod Bulletin of Shipping and Industry".

Luigi BROGLIO (1911 - 14.1.2001), an engineer in the field of aerospace engineering, who is called "the Italian von Braun". One of the founders of the San Marco program, which allowed Italy to become one of the first countries to launch its own satellite. The Italian space center is named after him.

Lev Solomonovich TRACHTENBERG (1914 -?), a Soviet engineer and sound engineer, and inventor. The Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1974). The laureate of the Stalin Prize of the third degree (1950). He participated in the development and implementation of photographic, magnetic and stereo sound recordings. The author of a number of inventions and improvements.

Mildred DRESSELHAUS (1930 - 20.2.2017), an American physicist, the first woman to become an institute professor and an honorary professor of physics and electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the largest experts in carbon physics and nanotechnology based on it. The improvement of the Raman scattering technique, carried out under her guidance, has found application in various fields of science.

Hugh EVERETT III (1930 - 19.7.1982), an American physicist who proposed a multi-world interpretation of quantum mechanics. He developed the application of generalized Lagrange multipliers in operations research and was engaged in the commercial implementation of these methods as an analyst and consultant.

Alexander Ivanovich SOPIN (1949), a Soviet physicist in the field of laser technology, the head of the electronics industry. He carried out a number of research and development activities in the field of creating serial and special organic dye lasers. He was the responsible executor and supervisor of research in the field of physics and chemistry of laser-active media.




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