Born on January 21st:

John FITCH (1743 - 2.7.1798), an American inventor and watchmaker, who created the first ship long before Robert Fulton. The first successful test launch of his steamer Perseverance (Persistence) was carried out on the Delaware River on August 22, 1787, in the presence of delegates from the Constitutional Convention. The vessel was set in motion with the help of oars located on both sides. Fitch's ideas were implemented by Robert Fulton two decades later.

John Moses BROWNING (1855 - 26.11.1926), an American weapons designer, and author of revolutionary innovations in this area. He was best known for his automatic (self-loading) pistol, patented by the Belgian arms company Fabrique Nacional in Herstal (Belgium). Browning designs were repeatedly copied and served as imitations for specialists from other countries such as the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany.

Mikhail Alexandrovich PAVLOV (1863 - 10.1.1958), a Russian metallurgical scientist, the full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1932), the Hero of Socialist Labor (1945), the Stalin Prize laureate (1943, 1947). He participated in the design of the largest metallurgical plants, blast furnaces and steelmaking units, led experimental work on the use of peat for blast-furnace smelting, conducted research on the introduction of oxygen blast in metallurgy. He was also involved in the development of smelting pig iron from the Ural titanomagnetites and naturally-alloyed ores of the Khalilovskoye deposit, led the agglomeration and concentration of iron ores.

Konrad Emil BLOCH (1912 - 15.10.2000), a German-American biochemist. He established the role of cholesterol in animal metabolism and the main stages of its biosynthesis. The winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine of 1964 "for their discoveries concerning the mechanism and regulation of the cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism" (together with Feodor LYNEN).

Yurii Vladimirovich LINNIK (1915 - 30.6.1972), a mathematician, an academician (1964), the Hero of Socialist Labor. His major works on number theory (large sieve method), probability theory (limit theorems), mathematical statistics (estimation theory). The Lenin Prize (1970), the State Prize of the USSR (1947).

Roger TAILLIBERT (1926 - 10.10.2019), a French architect who designed sports facilities. With his participation, the reconstruction of the Parc des Princes football stadium in Paris was completed, the Olympic stadium and other sports facilities in Montreal were erected for the 1976 Olympics.

Genrich Aleksandrovich TOLSTIKOV (1933 - 25.4.2013), an organic chemist, the creator of a scientific school, the director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and an academician (1987). He is an author of works in the field of metal complex catalysis and organic synthesis. In 2003, the scientist was awarded the State Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology for the work “ Metal-complex catalysis in organic and organometallic synthesis”

Vladimir Ivanovich POTKIN (1938 - 13.5.1999), a chief designer of tanks, the creator of the T-90 tank, and author of 13 certificates and 4 patents for inventions. He took part in the modification of the T-72 tank, which in the late 70s was the most massive second-generation tank in the world. Over 30,000 T-72 tanks were produced under license in foreign countries.

Lev Pavlovich OVCHINNIKOV (1943), a biochemist, the director of the Protein Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997). The specialist in the field of protein biosynthesis and its regulation in eukaryotes. discovered, isolated and studied RNA-binding proteins of eukaryotic cells (1968-1983), showed the compartmentalization of proteins of the eukaryotic translation apparatus on polyribosomes (1980-1987). He founded the scientific school "Protein biosynthesis and its regulation in eukaryotes", became the author of more than 100 scientific papers.




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