Inter Science

Inter Science


Publishing house MetalJournal together with OMD Engineering Company is starting to create an Internet project Inter Science.

The goal of the Project is to create a Community of scientists, researchers in the field of materials science, teachers, students and students, engineers and technologists.

placement of fundamental and practical research in free access.
The subject of the Project is Polytechnics.

The main distinguishing feature of the Inter Science Project is to provide opportunities for authors research to display their work in a short time without routine bureaucratic procedures for subjective selection, reviewing and priority. We provide an opportunity for quick indexing in search engines.
The works are moderated for compliance with the Project topic.
Scientific discussions, reviews and polemics based on the results of the publication of the research will be the most objective review of works and contribute to the promotion of authors in Internet search engines.

Russian, Ukrainian and English versions are envisaged.

We hope for fruitful cooperation.

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"Metaljournal" publishing
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Project manager - Volodymyr Grynov