The paper describes research of properties of conditionality of task to optimization of regime parameters of technological processes of concentrating of iron-stone is on the basis of forming of goal function with application of multi-layered neural networks.
The results of studies of technological schemes, allowing to carry out mining steep deposits, while ensuring the safety of technological processes are given.
Identification of parameters of some technological objects of the ore processing stage is hampered by the limitations of measuring the state of the control object, impossibility of forecasting noise and disturbance values.

Modeling of stopes in soft ores during ore mining

15/07/2014 1:14pm
Опубликовано в mining production
UDK 622.272.4                                                                             

Автор: Nikolay Stupnik, Vsevolod Kalinichenko, Valeriy Kolosov, Sergey Pismennyy, Aleksandr Shepel'

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Автор: Stupnik N.I., Kalinichenko V.A., Kolosov V.A., Pismenniy S.V., Fedko M.B.

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