Environmental competency of future mining engineers

17/09/2014 3:21pm
Опубликовано в engineer pedagogics
Environmental competencies of future mining engineers are determined in this article.

Автор: Hryshchenko Svitlana, Morkun Vladimir, Semerikov Sergey

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The article reveals the model of usage of geoinformation technologies during formation of environmental competence of future mining engineers.

Current approaches to the training of mining engineers

28/07/2014 10:24am
Опубликовано в engineer pedagogics
In the article the main current approaches to the training of mining engineers were reviewed.

Автор: Vladimir Morkun, Zinaida Bakum

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Free time self-organization of competitive personality

23/01/2014 11:29am
Опубликовано в engineer pedagogics
The article covers the results of the particular correlation of aspects of time perception, attitude to it, individual psychological aspects of personality and the content of free time, and methods of its organization.
The article is devoted to conformism of an individual as a result of social influence.
The article reflects the results of investigation into actual concepts of professional career of future engineers-metallurgists.




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