New elements in relation to machine building and mining industry with application of construction materials using mount system of mine opening as an example are considered.
The article covers the results of performed tasks concerning repair of metallurgical equipment including conveyer belts of by-product coke plant  and sintering plant and also compensators of bell-less tops of blast furnaces with the help of modern polymer materials, allowing to fulfill hermetization of various assemblies without  removal of equipment on-site of exploitation.

Автор: Ishchenko A.A., Golinka S.N., Grishko V.P.

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Deformation peculiarities of body of slag car pan

17/07/2014 3:17pm
Опубликовано в engineering science
This paper is devoted to an analytical study of wall deformations of slag car pan during its operation.

Автор: Chigarev V.V., Rassokhin D.A.

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Range of technological solutions concerning equipment repair, which is being operated in open-cut mining and connected with fine crushing, grinding and screening with application of composite is developed. Keywords: crusher, bearing, recovery, polymer materials, effectiveness

Автор: Ishchenko A.A., Golinka S.N.

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History of cranebuilding and crane household until now

15/11/2013 2:24pm
Опубликовано в engineering science
History of cranebuilding and crane household until now




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