Career expectations as the basis of future engineers-metallurgists professional identity

27/12/2013 10:11am

Автор: Marina Suryakova

Категории: engineer pedagogics

Career expectations as the basis of future engineers-metallurgists professional identity


 Marina Suryakova

Candidate of Psychological Scienses, 

docent of pedagogics department of

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine 


Complication of social and economic working conditions for modern specialists of any branch requires the skill to analyse these conditions, explore options of professional career development, plan its stages, compare professional requirements and real abilities, the skill to set objectives and determine the ways of  career achievement. Professional self-realization of specialist is achieved within professional career, where the first becomes possible under conditions of effective career progression.
Today career in science and society is understood as the way for realization of professional potential, building of career is observed as dynamical characteristic of process leading a person to success in his professional branch.
Recently in psychology there increases an interest to studying of different aspects of career (A.G. Mall, A.N. Tolstaya, M.V. Saphonova, V.A. Chiker, E.Schein , D.Super , D. Hall and others), which is determined as extra-preferable professional event in person’s life, where his professionalism forms,  occupational status is acquired, feelings of satisfaction and confidence are provided.
Such understanding of career is observed among the large amount of modern youth and determines their attitude to this event as to something positive, valuable and expectative in one’s professional future. That is why before employment at the end of study the future specialist has some vision of the future professional way that is objectified in their career expectations. Career expectations play substantial part in professional self-determination because on their base the professional behavior and activity form.
Career expectations (works of A.N. Ivanova, V.A. Tolochek, A.G. Mall, V.I. Solobotchikov, N.A. Isaeva, D.A. Leont'eva, A.M. Shevelev and others) may be determined as subjective perceptions of future specialist concerning optimized advancement in professional sphere, which provides personal and professional self-realization, which is based on practical and emotive-notional experience and gives to professional activity stable and designed character.
Still, it should be marked the range of essential problems connected with the presence of this psychological event in professional consciousness of future specialist and also to reveal the specific problems concerning career expectations in professional self-determination of future engineers-metallurgists.   
In professional self-determination the main value has the activity of a person, his responsibility for socialization and professionalization, the scheme of professional development is the base for subjective living satisfaction. Success, effectiveness of professional determination in common and also circumspect, considered choice of employment after graduating the university, on our opinion, determine the grade of reality (adequacy, authenticity) of future specialists career expectations. While choosing the place of employment there is a lack of reality, built under influence of some factors, in career expectations of modern graduates, according to the mind of certain authors (D.A. Leont’ev, N.V. Kopylov, A.V. Moskalenko, L. Mitina). First of all psychological (the level of personal enhancement, professional training experience), social (for example stereotypes of  professional evaluating by society, its status value, significance, etc) and also economical ( the level of  wages, production and technical conditions, etc).
The reality of perseptions conditions the adequacy of specialist’s professional education according to the modern social-economic requirements that is why it should be formed at university. Career expectations of future engineers-metallurgists at the moment of employment are determined by specific content connected with peculiarities of their professional activity and education. Psychological analysis of engineers-metallurgists professional activity determines complex analytical, structural, organizational and calculation activity of specialist in the field of real metallurgical production to which he should be prepared with the help of theory and practice during study.
However, nowadays there appeared problematic situation connected with the realization of curricular practical training for metallurgists at the metallurgical companies, which were removed from government property. These companies do not show interest in providing the place for practice, that is why the practice is of fragmentary and reduced character. This fact does not contribute to the reality of expectations concerning professional activity of metallurgist. From the other hand companies show low activity according to employment of graduates because of  insufficient quality grade of professional education and other reasons [1,5]. Besides, in modern society there exists certain opinion on professional activity of engineer-metallurgist as non-prestigious, with hard working conditions and with low salary work.
Under such conditions during employment future engineer-metallurgist undergoes difficulties connected with his professional self-determination, that is felt on personal, field and social level. Nevertheless, the choice of workplace should be fulfilled in metallurgical branch and career expectations of future engineers-metallurgists should be connected with profession acquired during study.
That is why career expectations of future engineer-metallurgist should be examined in time with the aim to clear all the important moments: to what degree future specialist considers social-economic working conditions; if he considers professional career as the possibility for development; if he realizes the aim of professional career; if he intended to plan its stages; in many thing the subjective meaning and success of career should be expressed; how conscious professionally important features; if he considers learning stage as the base for his career.
The study of concepts of future specialists’ abilities realization should also contribute to determination of the aim, means for its achievement, personal meaning of professional activity, planning of personal professional program on the base of concretion and reality. It is obvious that solution of these tasks may be useful both for future specialist, his professional establishment at the beginning of career and for any economic branch.
Career expectations should also be analyzed because such work provides for future specialists understanding of direct connection between study at university and further stage of professional realization. In scientifical literature period of studies is determined as the period before career – “prior” stage, when educational-professional activity and primary choice of professional career takes place [2,4].
It is obvious that such understanding of place and role of educational stage in individual professional career contributes to increasing the level of responsibility for own professional education to date and more detailed planning of future professional way.
Professional education at universities should provide success in further professional realization of a specialist and be the reason of his competitive ability and occupational mobility on the labor-market in modern social-economic conditions. Effectiveness of professional education of future specialists on the learning stage, on our opinion,  depends on solution of such tasks: formation of real precipitations about chosen professional activity, understanding of  professional development alternatives, study of own personal characteristics, understanding of connection between personal and professional development, modeling of own professional career etc.
Leading to realization of these important tasks to students may be possible with the help of special hands-on training, hands-on classes focused on determination of higher education subjective meaning, the ability to analyze essential working conditions, to plan own professional way and way of living, state desired results of development in professional sphere.


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