Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant received new shareholder

Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (hereinafter – «CZP») has received notification, on 11 February 2014, from Ilya Sherbovich that as at 03 February 2014 he indirect held 8,379,789 ordinary shares in the Company. This represents 15.4621% of the existing issued share capital of CZP.

Indirect ownership is through the company UCP Resources (direct control). Purchase of CZP’s shares took place on the free market, the ownership ratio of the major shareholder of CZP (NF Holdings.) did not changed.

«CZP is the leading Russian zinc and zinc alloys producer. In 2013 the plant produced 166,357 tonnes of zinc,» - Leonid Khazanov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Metal Supply and Sale Magazine, noted.

Source:Metal Supply and Sale Magazine

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