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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Model synthesis of nonlinear nonstationary dynamical systems in concentrating production using Volterra kernel transformation
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Erzhan Kuldeyev, Vitaly Kulagin, Elmira Kuldeyeva
Study of peculiarities of hydrochemical mode of surface waters in conjunction with ground waters at a time and in boundary conditions of physical model of infiltration basin (on the example of Karatal area of experimental researches of artificial waterspreading in South East Kazakhstan)
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Mikhail Molev, Irina Zanina, Aleksey Iliev
Ecological safety monitoring of the territory of mining allotment at the stage of mines preservation
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Irina Zanina, Mikhail Molev, Aleksey Iliev, Yuriy Chertov, Natalya Stuzhenko
Recycling of technogenic resources by microbial bio-conversion
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Makhanbetov А. B., Zharmenov A.A., Baeshov A. B.
Electrolytic manganese obtaining from product solution of manganiferous ore of deposit “Karamola”
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Engineering design

Timur Rakhimov, Valentina Salybekova
Features of groundwater resources assessment on alluvial fans using a regional-scale hydrogeological model (Kaskelen, South Kazakhstan)
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Information technologies

Bing Liu, Yang Zhao, Yuanyuan Dang
Data flow network security strategies based on data mining
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Yingying Min, Changlin Ao
A new data mining method improvement of time series based on auto regressive moving average model
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Haijing Lv, Zhenkun Han, Yang Zhao
Research on eco-city planning based on comprehensive evaluation model
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Hanqing Tao, Yang Zhao
Intelligent fault prediction of railway switch based on improved least squares support vector machine
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Lei Zheng, Renjie Hu, Yang Zhao, Jinming Bao
Design and implementation of material position detection system based on FPGA
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Xinwei Yu, Yanling Guo, Yang Zhao, Zhiping Li
Dynamics analysis and simulation of steering screw on automobile recirculating ball type steering gear
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Yan Wang, Wengang Zhou, Yang Zhao
Study on the load forecasting of power system based on gray forecasting model
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Yanxi Xie, Zhong Wu, Zhijie Xia, Xiaoli Wang, Yang Zhao
Variable selection procedures in linear regression models with selection consistency property
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Huikang Tang
A Method of Optimizing the Feedforward BP Neural Network Based on Elitist Ant Colony Optimization
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Jianhua Zhou, Siwang Zhou
Image Reconstruction for Denoising Based on Compressive Sensing
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Min Li, Chuan Gu, Defa Hu
Motion Fuzzy Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Wavelet Threshold Compression
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Shoufei Gan, Guolong Chen, Xianwei Li
Energy and Power Reduction of Cloud Data Centers
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Rong Deng
Multidimensional Data Classification Based on BP Neural Network Algorithm
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Jinming Fu, Xuming Yi, Jinming Fu , Yufan Xu
Image Segmentation Algorithm of Improved C-V Model Based On Multi-Scale Wavelet
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Wei Zheng, HaiDong Wang, Lin Ma, RuoYi Wang
An Improved k-Nearest Neighbor Classification Algorithm Using Shared Nearest Neighbor Similarity
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Yunhua Zhu, Xiao Cai
Traffic Identification Optimization of the Smallest Neighbor Method of AdaBoost-SVM
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Shasha Dou, Jiansheng Xia
Rectangular Hole Flanging Forming Process Analysis with Finite Element Method
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Xiaohui Chen, Wenzhou Yan, Kang Liu
Water Quality Parameters Identification Model Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm with Adaptive Parameter Optimization
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Yongfeng Yan, Wenzhou Yan
Case Based Reasoning of Railway Engineering Construction Risk Management Based on Knowledge Ontology
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Yong He
Reliability Optimization Design for Mechanical Transmission Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
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Yunfang Xie, Yuhong Zhou, Limin Shao
Fault Diagnosis of Rural Power Network Based on GIS Platform and Rough Set
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Hao Zhang, Ming-Quan Ye, Chang-Rong Wu
Attribute Value Generalization Reduction Based on Conditional Combination Entropy
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Xun Ma, Wei Zhang, Fang Guo
GSM Network Location Model Based on Self-Adaption and Error Correction Neural Network
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Machine building

Oleksiy Burlutskyi
Application methods changes plastic deformation after welding sill gondola cars
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Olena Berezshnaya, Julia Chepel, Natalia Tsyvinda, Andrey Pikilnyak
Mathematic modeling of detail’s restoration combined process
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Materials science

Krizhanіvskiy Ye.І., Taraievskyi O.S., Makovkin O.M.
Research on pipelines elements strength with stress raisers in the area of slide
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Yuliya Bondarenko
Consistent patterns of silicide coatings formation on titanium at various rates of mixture heating
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Mining production

Sergey Stradanchenko, Stansilav Maslennikov, Vladimir Dmitrienko, Irina Kokun’ko, Irina Kapralova
Prospects of mining waste use
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Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Olga Burdzieva
Metal extraction in the case of non-waste disposal of enrichment tailings
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Boris Kobilyanskiy
Steps, procedures, and methods of analysis and risk assessment of the coal industry enterprises
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Thermal technology

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Bohdan Usenko, Hanna Koshlak
Energy and resource saving technologies of formation massive amorphous structures
PDF Full text (2093 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Efficiency evaluation of thermal insulation use in cryolithic zone mine openings
PDF Full text (577 Kb)

Valeriy Kalinchak, Aleksandr Chernenko, Yuriy Zinchenko, Ruslan Kuzemko
Combustion and spontaneous extinction of pulverized coal particles
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