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Engineer pedagogics

Vladimir Morkun, Sergey Semerikov, Svitlana Hryshchenko
Environmental competency of future mining engineers
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Svitlana Hryshchenko
Model of usage of geoinformation technologies during formation of environmental competence of future mining engineers
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Machine science

Anatoliy  Ishchenko, Sergey Golinka, Vasiliy Grishko
Repair of conveyer belts and expansion bellows of bell-less tops of blast furnaces by elastomers of cold vulcanization
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A.A. Ryazantsev
Analysis of means of reliability and service life growth for open gear drive of ore-pulverizing mills
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Gasii G.M.
Technological and design features of flat- rod elements with usage of composite reinforced concrete
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Hui Li, Jinglong Liang, Fei Hao,Shufeng Yang
Production of anticorrosion coating material by converter dust with MgO and Cr2O3
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Shufeng Yang, Jing she Li, Wei Liu, Xiangzhou Gao, Gang Li
Study on arcing phenomenon in electroslag remelting process
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Lisenko T. V., Zamyatin N. I., Tur M. P., Khudenko N. P.
Spline interpolation for data processing at determining heat conduction coefficient of antistick coatings of frozen molds
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
The gas bubble size distribution control formation in the flotation process
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Razumov Mikhail, Ponkratov Pavel, Grechukhin Aleksandr, Ovchinkin Oleg
Automatizatin of process design of cutting tool manufacturing for formation of grooved rolls
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Andrey Kupin
Research of properties of conditionality of task to optimization of processes of concentrating technology is on the basis of application of neural networks
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Vladimir Morkun, Pavel Burnasov
The management of the resources educational institution
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Mining production

Iurii Peregudov
Technology of working off pit walls areas, located in the area of funnels formation
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Material scince

Frolova L.A.
Production conditions of iron oxide black from pickle liquors
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Anton Ashkelianets
Analysis of theoretic research of the ring tapered tool penetration with subsequent upsetting in the lining ring while manufacturing a disc with shoulder
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