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Engeneering design

B. N. Vyshnevskyi, G. P. Voitkovskyi, Т. О. Kapustina, А. А. Shcherbakov, А. S. Lebedev

Basic engineering for gas mixing stations At metallurgical enterprises

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O.L. Sorochynska, І.І. Kulbovskyi

Main Directions and Problems of Fire Safety of the Railway Transport of Ukraine

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A.D. Uchitel, Yu. A. Malinovskyi, G.V. Danilina, S.Yu. Datsenko, Ye.V. Omelchenko

Impact of parametric resonance on the contacting surfaces fracture mechanism during friction and wear-out

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Engeneering science

Yu.A. Malinovskyi, G.V. Danilina, S. Yu. Datsenko, A. A. Condarets

Quasistatic Distinctive Features Of Setting A Strain Wave Problems During Friction And Wear-Out

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T. Chekushina, A. Butolin, V. Liashenko, V. Shcherba, K. Vorobev

Geoecological Problems During Oil And Gas Recovery

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Mining production

A.F. Bulat, M.S. Chetverik, Ye.A. Bubnova, Ye.S. Levchenko

Use Of Geological Environment Disturbed By Open Excavation: Problems And Prospects

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