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Uchitel A. D.,Osadchuk Yu. G., Kozakievich I. A.
Improving the accuracy of servo drives of metalworking machines
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Engineering science

Sorochinskaya O. L.
Analysis of ways of improving the conditions of labor protection at the enterprise
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Machine building

Kulbovsky I. I., Agarkov A. V., Blizniuk K. P., Kiyashko V. T.
Development of main strategies of project management of production- technological potential usage by divisions of underground
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Dashchenko A.F., Kolomiets L.V., Limarenko A.M.
Methods of measuring stress and strain of massive engineering designs taking into account operational factors
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Fomin O.V., Fomin V.V., Obuhovskij V. V.
Continuation of pellet cars service life based on the technology of overall repair
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Materials science

Taraevskyy O. S.
Research on exploitation of gas pipelines at areas crossing the natural and artificial obstacles by the method of natural pulse of electromagnetic field of the Earth (NPEMFE)
PDF Full text (940 Kb)

Mining production

Wu Yun-long
Mathematical analysis on influence of fan regulation in diagonal mine ventilation system
PDF Full text (523 Kb)

Shadrunova I. V., Kolodezhnaya E. V., Gorlova O. E., Chekushina T. V. , Orekhova N. N., Lyashenko V. I.
Resource-saving technologies and technical means for processing raw materials difficult for concentration
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Pipe and tube production

Balakin V. F., Salej A. Yu., Koshul’ V. V.
Methods (procedure) and results of testing lubricants for determination of applicability in the process of rolling the copper tubes in the Cold Tube Rolling mills
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Thermal technology

Pavlenko А.М., Koshlak H.V., Cheilytko A.O., Nosov M.A., Syzonenko A.V.
Research of effective thermal conductivity and its parts in porous metallic materials with different parameters of porosity
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