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Zhilenkov A. A.
Algorithmic software of the automatic risk management system on offshore drilling platform with a high level of automation
PDF Full text (553 Kb)

Andrey Kupin, Natalia Morkun
Automatic control of the ore suspension solid phase parameters
PDF Full text (813 Kb)

Engineering design

Yevgen Diachenko, Olena Voskobiinyk, Inna Lomiga
Floors lift technique in old building retrofitting
PDF Full text (386 Kb)

Engineering science

Voznenko A. D., Kulbovsky I. I., Sorochinskaya O. L.
Psychological aspects of workplace safety in the infrastructure projects of underground
PDF Full text (259 Kb)

Machine building

Tkachenko V.P., Sapronova S.Y., Maliuk S.V., Kulbovskyi I. I.
Studying the structure of railway rolling stock resistance
PDF Full text (980 Kb)

Elemesov K.K., Tusupova A.E., Daurova R.V., Aytoreeva G.,Moldagozhina M.
Dynamic synthesis of non-harmonic vibration exciter of pulse action directed on the foundation
PDF Full text (651 Kb)

Metalware production

Oleksandr Grushko, Yuliya Slobodyanyuk
Microstructure of low-carbon steel wire and its welding and fabrication properties
PDF Full text (1.2 MB)

Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals

Karibek Sherov, Muratbay Sikhimbayev, Medgat Musayev, Aset Rakishev, Bakhytzhan Donеnbaev
Experimental study of turn-milling process using special friction mill made of steel Hardox
PDF Full text (1.2 MB)

Mining production

Vorob’ev A.E., Khodzhaev R.R., Gabaydullin R.I., Isabek T.K., Khuangan N.,Vorob’ev K.A.
Numerical method to calculate coal strata surface curvature, predetermined by discreet points of the irregular grid
PDF Full text (361 Kb)


Victoria Chubenko,Alla Khinotskaya, Valeriy Chubenko
Steel casting speed in suspended cast-rolling with roll-mold for thin bars production
PDF Full text (376 Kb)


Velychko O. N., Gordienko T. B., Karpenko S. R., Kolomiets L. V.
Evaluation of experts competence on the measurement of electrical power using the method of analytic hierarchy
PDF Full text (1.3 MB)

Oleh Velychko, Sergiy Shevkun, Stanislav Karpenko
The group expert evaluation of the state of metrological assurance of capacitance measurements
PDF Full text (1.3 MB)

Oleh Velychko, Sergiy Shevkun, Stanislav Karpenko
The expert evaluation by the use of group of experts with established competence of the state of inductance measurements
PDF Full text (1.3 MB)

Thermal technology

Kuznetsova E. A.
A review of definitions of Zero Energy Buildings
PDF Full text (910 Kb)

Pavlenko A.M., Shumska L.P.
Determination of energy parameters of technology of thermal pore formation
PDF Full text (1.2 MB)

Pavlenko А.М., Koshlak H.V.
Calculation of heat transfer in fluid around gas-vapour bubbles
PDF Full text (581 Kb)




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