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Chepak O. P., Zavyalova E.L., Zhurbinskiy D. A., Kostenko T. V.
Heavy accumulation of fertile soil layer in the mined-out space of opencast using geothermal energy
PDF Full text (490 Kb)


Sergіy Turpak, Sergey Gritcay, Elena Ostroglyad
Logistics of raw materials supply for the ferroalloy industry
PDF Full text (397 Kb)

Machine building

Аndrii Sulym
Determination of rational placement for energy storages in the power supply system of the underground
PDF Full text (383 Kb)

Oleksij Fomin, Nataliia Murashova, Angela Shvets
Determination of up-to-date directions of development of domestic system of testing and certification of railways rolling stock
PDF Full text (606 Kb)

Metalware production

Dolzhanskiy A.M., Bondarenko O.A.,Klyuev D.Yu.,Lomov I. N.
Determination of parameters and efficiency of process lubricant screw supercharger application when drawing
PDF Full text (633 Kb)

Mining production

Andrii Panasiuk, Vasil Bondarchuck
Analysis of fractal characteristics of mining and geological parameters of minerals
PDF Full text (317 Kb)

Anatolii Dryzhenko, Oleksandr Shustov, Andrii Adamchuk
Prospects for future mining of steep iron-ore deposits in the context of Kryvbas
PDF Full text (512 Kb)

Kolesnikov V.F., Martyanov V.L.
Methods and schemes of quarry fields opening-up under various conditions of deposits occurrence
PDF Full text (521 Kb)

Nadezhda Medyanik, Irina Shadrunova, Irina Varlamova, Tatiana Chekushina,Natalia Churlyaeva
Reutilization of neutralization sludge formed during the processing of mining enterprises acidic industrial waters
PDF Full text (360 Kb)


Iaroslav Frolov, Henryk Dyja, Gennadii V. Berheman, Vitalii V. Andreiev, Andriy A. Samsonenko
Study of strain resistance of steel applied for manufacture of large-sized shaped sections
PDF Full text (473 Kb)

Thermal technology

Gichev Yu. A., Stupak M. Yu., Pertsevoi V. A., Matsukevich M. Yu.
The application of fuel burning pulsating resonance during drying and heating processes of steel-teeming ladles
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