Business communication style and the ways to improve

29/11/2013 10:23am

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Business communication style and the ways to improve

The article is devoted to Yuri Zuev,
Professor of Russian foreign trade academy, Moscow

There are two types of service in theory and practice of business communication:

  1. Material – price, quality, quantity, fitting, food, convenience, informative intenseness, routine, efficiency, i.e. the criteria satisfying the claims of business partner.
  2. Psychological - sense of well-being and self-significance, arising for the partner using our services; this realized expectation from the partner the concrete personality or congeneric social group.

Reserves for improving of business communication style:

  1. adoption of favours;
  2. self-control of mind and behavior;
  3. adoption of nonverbal connection signs;
  4. positive thinking, attitude and behavior.


Adoption of favours

Favours in business communication are choosing a partner from people and his personality evaluation. Psychological basis for any favour is the person’s interest in self- evaluation, one’s significance and comparison with surrounding evaluation. There are three types of favours:


  1. Positive (compliments, attention, gratefulness, interest to the partner's personalty, deep admiration of his propositions and actions); any good news satisfying the partner, proving his value.
  2. Negative favours ( dislike, distrust, disappointment, ridiculing, showing ingratitude, criticism), all the criteria  causing a sensation of indignity and melancholy.
  3. Neutral favours ( the absence of any favours at the moment when a partner is waiting for the evaluation of his  initiatives, propositions and actions).

The usage of favours while business conversation means:
to be natural  and sincere to the maximum; go for showing affection in the sphere that is important for the partner and where he strives to deep self-evaluation. Any favour should be reasonable, direct, correspond to the objective evaluation of made. The members of services sector (secretaries, assistants, drivers and others) need positive favour most of all. Directors should not loose the partner from their field of vision and support each of them by favours.
The notion of stress theory.
There are three concepts in stress theory:
1. Stress is the tension state, stipulated by the extreme reaction of nervous system under influence of tension internal and external factors.
2. Stress factor – is the factor of tension:
a) physical – heat, cold, noise, hunger, fire, disorders, illness etc.
b) social-psychological – rudeness, frustrated hopes, grudge, material problems, race for power, differences in lifestyle, unfairness, treason, holding time.

3. Signal of stress factor – any signal of nervous system about wrong condition of the body (irritancy, hearburn, intermittent pain in column or in temples, intermittent heaviness in the heart, desire to smoke, polydipsia or dryness of the mouth, a wish to talk more than usually or reticence, chronic headache, chronically poor sleep quality, profound indifference to work, total loss of appetite or the reduction of vital tone, steady feverish glint in the eyes).

4. Distress
Prevention of negative influence of stress while business conversation means:

  1. realization what usually causes stress;
  2. systematic analysis and preliminary preparation of countermeasures against stress factors;
  3. reasonable choice of  tactics ( take necessary steps to prevent the event, avoid the development, take the tactics of waiting, make adjustments to your own attitude to up-coming event - estimate realistic the probable consequences and avoid negative thoughts). 

Adoption of nonverbal connection signs

Practice of business communication shows that while first 5 minutes of meeting up to 75% of source information about partner is received through nonverbal connection, i.e. owing to estimation of face, eyes, tone, gestures, position, demeanor, clothes, symbols indicating the partner’s  official position. The skill of reading nonverbal connection signs means:

  1. knowing of panhuman gestures;
  2. knowing of nation-specific gesticulation;
  3. one should remember, while reading the sign language, our partners read the forms of our nonverbal connections as well, hereof arise the necessity of strict and incessant control of our own gestures, mimics and position. 

Nonverbal connection is typically subconscious and that is why sincere. The gesture is hard to change, but it is possible and necessary to prevent by means of free efforts.
The man of business is characterized by positive-persevering behavior. A person of such behavior maintains his rights but does not derogate from rights of others; expresses his point of view honestly, clearly and directly and at the same time stresses the understanding of partner’s position. The positive-persevering behavior of a man of business means good self-comprehension of his own dignity and personal professional background. People with such type of behavior are inclined to express in short and essentially, use “I” pronoun very carefully, draw a clear distinction between fact and someone’s opinion, rest on facts, avoid didacticism, raise a question without reserve, straight to one's face easy, look the ways of settling  a problem, do not avoid it. While communication with aggressively-spirited partner, a man with positive-persevering behavior avoids the question “Why?” as it may be provocative, requiring the explanation of the motive, that is often concealed by partners. The question “Why?” should not be risen at all. It may be replaced by questions “Who?“, “How?” “When?” , “Where?”  as they require new information and that is easier than to explain the motive .



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