Bardin Ivan Pavlovich

Bardin Ivan Pavlovich

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    Scientific work

    In 1906 Ivan Pavlovich entered Kiev polytechnic institute on agronomical and then on chemical faculty which he graduated in 1910, having specialized on metallurgy of cast iron and steel under direction of Professor V.P. Izhevskiy, who made Bardin interested in ferrous metallurgy.

    The main works cover the following questions: designing new powerful, completely mechanized metallurgical works; creation of the most perfect metallurgical units; intensifications of metallurgical processes, especially by means of oxygen; development and complex use of new kinds of metallurgical raw material. Scientific articles:

      1917 — "To question about reduction of number of operatives at domain shop of Petrovskiy plant"
      1944 — "Technical problems of ferrous metallurgy"
      1944 — "Restoration of metallurgy of South"
      1946 — "Prospects of oxygen application in blast-furnace manufacture"
      1946 — "About new designs of blast furnaces"
      1955 — "About implementation of oxygen application and rolling from molten condition"
      1955 — "Modern state of Bessemer process"
      1959 — "To question about new ways of metallurgical processes intensification".


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