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Corrosion protection of metals

Doroshenko A.Yu.
Improvement in quality and service life of concrete steel constructions by means of research of interaction of concrete form and cement concrete

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Blast-furnace process

Konoplianyk A.Y., Iliev I.M.

Additives Influence On The Processing Characteristics Of Refractory Mixtures

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Inna Trus, Hanna Fleisher, Mukola Gomelya, Vita Halysh, Yaroslav Radovenchik

Comprehensive Saltwater Clearing Technology

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V. Lyaschenko, V. Stus, T. Lisova

Improvement of Environmental Safety of Population in Uranium-Mining Regions in Ukraine

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Chetverik M.S.

Structural Changes In Economy When Energy Systems Changing

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Railway transport

Kulbovskyi I.I., Holub H.М., Kyiashko V.T., Andonova Snezhina

Information Model Of Railway Transport Power Supply System Computer Monitoring Data Flow

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Engineering science

Ishchenko A.A., Rassokhin D.A., Kakareka D.L.

The current experience of applying the composites in practicing the industrial equipment maintenance

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