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Blast-furnace process

Bochka V. V., Dvoiehlazova A. V., Sova A. V., Sulimenko S.IE.
Choice of the production technology for the complex flux >

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Corrosion protection of metals

Doroshenko A., Talavira G.
Influence of Additives-Wastes of Chemical Industry Enterprises on the Properties of Reinforced Concrete in Transport Structures

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Bouhedja Ahcène, Idres Abdelaziz, Janečková Molnárová Kristina, Benselhoub Aissa, Bounouala Mohamed, Boukhmis Kadour, Bouhedja Samir, Ould Hamou Malek
Analysis of complete preorders provided by aggregation methods: application for the public landfill site selection

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Foundry engeneering

Lysenko T. V., Kreitser K. A., Kozishkurt E. N., Solonenko L. I.
Control of the solidification rate of castings from alloy AL9 due to zonal cooling during low-pressure casting

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Lysenko T. V., Yasyukov V. V., Kozishkurt E. N., Kreitser K. A.
Control over the processes of low pressure die casting for non-ferrous alloys

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Nogovitsyn А. V., Podoltsev А. D., Kucheriavaia I. N., Baranov I. R.
Mathematic and Physical Simulation of the Melt Flow at Roll Casting of Steel Bars

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Sorochinskaya O. L., Kulbovskyi I. I.
Simulation on the system to improve labor conditions at railway enterprises by international standards introduction

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Pipe and tube production

V. F. Balakin A. N. Stepanenko D. Y. Garmashev P. P. Safyan
Determination of the spatial position of spindles at elongating mill TPA 5-12″ with Pilger mills during rolling-off of large-size bottles

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A. N. Stepanenko V. F. Balakin D. Iu. Garmashev
The perfection of Procedure for Calculation of Force Parameters for Cross Roll Piercing of Billets

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