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Coke and by-product process

Svetlana Kirienko, Vladyslav Sidletskyi
Investigation the influence of composition and shape on briquettes compression strength
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Corrosion protection of metals

Valery Steblyanko, Anton Ponomarev, Nadezhda Medyanik, Irina Shadrunova,Tatiana Chekushina
Protection of metal products from corrosion by means of plasma-electrolytic processing of its surface
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Zhurbinskiy D.A., Kostenko T.V., Kostenko V.K.ay
Evaluation of radial component of thermal load at workplaces in hot shops
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Natalya Zhizhkina, Sergey Kuzovov
The development of non-destructive quality control of massive castings
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Machine building

Igor Panasjuk, Mark Zaljubovskiy
Determination of design parameters of block linkage mechanism of the drive of machine for processing of details with the compound motion of working reservoir
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Materials science

Valentina Z. Kutsova, Anna P. Stecenko, Tatiana V. Kotova
Structure and properties formation of hot-rolled steel 01UT after high preassure torsion
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Valentina Kutsova,Maksim Kovzel, Pavlo Shvets, Anna Grebeneva
Kinetics of phase transformations in chromium-manganese cast iron
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Mining production

Andreev B. M., Brovko D. V., Khvorost V. V.
Prediction and ensuring the reliability of buildings elements and structures of surface complex at reconstru ction
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Alexandr Davidenko, Andrei Ighnatov
Basic results of researches of lining and plugging processes at wells construction
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Novorodovska T., Korogod N.,Lamziuk O.
Features of management decision making in the field of intellectual property of modern enterprise
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Iaroslav Frolov, Mirko Schaper, Olexandr Grydin, Vitalii Andreiev, Andrii Tereschenko
Propagation of surface defects at cold pilger rolling of tubes and pipes
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