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Coke and by-product process

Oleksii Kutniashenko, Vadym Smoliaga, Tetiana Litvinova
Increase of recycling efficiency of domestic waste of preliminary preparation of their dispersed fraction
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Corrosion protection of metals

Nadezhda Medyanik, Irina Shadrunova,Lyudmila Kolyada, Elena Tarasyuk, Tatiana Chekushina
Investigation of strength and corrosion resistance properties of combined packaging materials for metal products
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Oleg Taraevskyy
Reliability process of long-term operated gas pipelines in difficult mining and geological conditions
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Valentina Molokanov,a Vitaliy Petrenko
Project-oriented approach to metallurgical enterprises sustainable development management
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Engineer pedagogics

Olena Bondarevska
Significance of teaching organization of humanitarian disciplines in technical higher education institution in the context of individual strategies formation of the students’ independent-cognitive activity
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Svitlana Hryshchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Formation of ecological competence of future engineers of mining profile on the basis of geoinformation technologies
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Machine building

Dmitriy Dmitriyev, Mykola Valigura
Effective bench for scientific researches of the brake systems of a railway freight rolling stock
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Grigor’eva V.G., Batareev V.V., Shayda R.P., Pelykh I.V.
The force analysis of interaction of furnace charge layer with working body of vibration feeder for sintering machine charging
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Mining production

Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Estimation of soils pollution and model of catastrophic chemicalization
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Ihor Kovalenko, Nikolay Stupnik, Mikhail Korolenko, Dmitriy Kiyaschenko, Alexandr Batareev
Cartridged and granulated explosive substances of grade Ukrainit for underground mines
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Thermal technology

Oleksandr Nuianzin, Sergiy Pozdeyev, Vitaliy Nuianzin
Research of adequacy of mathematical model of heat-mass exchange in the furnace for fire resistance tests of bearing walls
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