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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Nikolai Podgorodetsky
Size correction of fuzzy classifier rules area by dispersion value of ultrasonic measurements results in ore mineral varieties determining
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Blast-furnace process

Baboshko D. Yu., Tkach V. V., Gubin G. V., Zima S. N., Vodennikova O. S.
Peculiarities of carbothermic reduction of titanomagnetite ore pellets
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Die forging

Belevitin V.A., Smyrnov Y.N., Kovalenko S.Y., Suvorov A.V.
Simulation of the macrostructure influence of forging ingots on the potential capabilities of obtaining high-quality forgings
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Tymofii Zhukovskyi, Olena Pshenichnova, Leonid Pisnya, Olena Tkachova, Valerii Kartsev
The introduction of a unified national approach to classification procedure of wastes to hazardous
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Pavel Gurianov
Innovative stagnation of industrial enterprises of Russia: state and perspectives of development vector
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Engineer pedagogics

Marina Suriakova
Attitude to the future professional activity of students-metallurgists
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Iryna Bulhakova
Creation and implementation of massive open online course on discipline “Web-design and presentation of intellectual activity results” on the subject “Сreation of Web Pages”
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Machine building

Boryak K. F.
A new design of non-automatic weighing calibration device for weight-free verification of large-load platform railroad scales
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Omelyanenko V.А.
Analysis of intersectoral technological linkages on mettalurgy innovative development
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Materials science

Oleksіy Kotrechko
The method of determining static microhardness of metals and their alloys by Kotrechko
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Volodymyr Grudz, Andriy Zhdek, Vasyl Bolonnuy
Formation of soil pollution area by oil when there is break of airtightness of main pipeline
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Mining production

Souad Bentaalla-Kaced, Karima Deramchi, Tahar Aifa, Abdelaziz Boutrid, Berdoudi Said, Samira Boutria
The dolerites of the Naga region, are reservoirs of hydrocarbons (The dolerite of Naga, Tindouf basin)
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Irina Shadrunova, Margarita Sabanova, Natalia Orekhova, Olga Gorlova, Tatiana Chekushina
Efficiency of use of collecting agents for increase of extraction values by copper, gold and silver flotation from complex slags of copper-smelting production
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Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Olga Burdzieva
Simulation of rock massif tension at ore underground mining
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Ihor Kovalenko, Nikolay Stupnik, Mikhail Korolenko, Valeriy Nebogin, Dmitriy Kiyaschenko
Complex approach to implementation of filling emulsion explosives Ukrainit in underground conditions
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