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Kateryna Kolesnikova, Viktor Gogunskii, Tetiana Olekh
Calculation of equilibrium in the system «metal – slag» during steelmaking in electric arc furnace
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Volodymyr Egorov, Olexandr Egorov, Oleg Potap, Olexandr Kryachko, Volodymyr Kuvaev, Mikhail Kuzmenko
Optimization of setting process of continuous sheet rolling
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Nikolai Podgorodetsky
Simulation of crushed ore particles movement in the pulp under dynamic effects of high-energy ultrasound
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun
Noncontact NDT method of crushed ore particle size and density distribution in the pulp flow
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Velychko O. M., Gordiyenko T. B.
Emissions trends of greenhouse gas from the metallurgical and mining industry in Ukraine
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Ivan Ivanov, Elena Matukhno, Anzhelika Mieshkova, Marina Sukhareva
Research of the students-metallurgist ecological consciousness dynamics during the educational process in National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
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Novorodovska T. S., Traiduk N. A.
Features of the economic and legal regulation of relations in the field of intellectual property of industrial enterprises
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Yulia Gnezdova
Approach to the optimization of business process models
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Stanіslav Popov, Olha Yerіna
The problem of efficiency of use of iron ores reserves, its role in project management of development of iron ore deposits on the basis of computer optimization model of their budget
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Myrzabekov B. E., Baeshoev A.B., Makhambetov A. B., U.A. Abduvaliyeva
Cathodic reduction of Te(IV) on the glassy carbon electrode in hydrochloric acid media
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Khrychikov V.E., Kalinin V.T., Suslo N.V., Krivosheev V.A., Menyailo E.V.
Increase of grinding balls service durability in the inoculation of cast iron primitive liquid by briquette nanomodifiers
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Machine building

Yurij Naumenko
Modeling of stress state at the start of deformation of granular filling of rotating cylindrical chamber
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Materials science

Parusov E. V., Parusov V. V., Sagura L. V., Sivak A. I., Klimenko A. P., Sychkov A. B.
Development of thermomechanical treatment of coil rolled products made of steel С86D microalloyed with boron
PDF Full text (694 Kb)

Volodymyr Grudz, Andriy Zhdek, Vasyl Bolonnuy
Estimation of flow rate of oil loss as a result of damage of linear part of oil main
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Metalware production

Dolzhanskiy A.M., Bondarenko O.A., Klyuev D.Yu., Lomov I.N.
Determination of parameters and efficiency of use of screw supercharger of process lubricant when drawing
PDF Full text (603 Kb)

Naduty V.Р., Маlаnchuk Z.R., Маlаnchuk Е.Z., Коrniyenko V.Ya.
Modeling of vibro screening at fine classification of metallic basalt
PDF Full text (346 Kb)

Mets Yu.S., Levitskiy A.P.
Research of explosive ore dressing intensification factors in open pits
PDF Full text (442 Kb)


Victoria Chubenko, Alla Khinotskaya, Valeriy Chubenko
Study of cooling rate, crystallization duration and metal discharge coefficient in case of continuous casting into foundry and rolling mills
PDF Full text (513 Kb)

Danchenko V. N., Bergeman G. V., Samsonenko A. A., Andreev V. V.
Experimental studies of complex influence of temperature and deformation parameters of rolling on the mechanical properties of metal
PDF Full text (477 Kb)


Boichenko S. B., Boichenko B. M., Sinegin E. V., Molchanov L. S.
The possibilities of hydrogen removal from continuously cast steel with flake susceptibility in the tundish
PDF Full text (581 Kb)

Thermal technology

Kamkina L.V., Beytsun S.V., Mikhailovsky N.V., Shybakinskiy V.I.
Heating control of pouring ladle
PDF Full text (447 Kb)

Valeriya Pinchuk, Tatiana Sharabura
Study of effect of thermal activation of coal-water fuel on processes of its ignition and burning
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