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Corrosion protection of metals

Rostyslav Kosarevych, Bogdan Rusyn, Andrіy Pokhmursky
Application of stochastic point processes for modelling of pitting
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Die forging

Mykhaylo Zagirnyak, Volodymyr Dragobetskii, Oleksandr Shapoval, Denis Mospan
The limiting deformation degree of the welded cylindrical blanks during shaping operations of sheet-metal stamping
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Oleg Taraevskyy
Aspects of research of indicators of emergency risk of long-term operating pipelines
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Boris Pospelov, Roman Polstiankin
Statistical synthesis and analysis of effective detecting element for heat-actuated devices of maximal type
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Yaroslav Izmaylov
Improvement of accounting of production expenses of export destination
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Engineer pedagogics

Natalia Kiyanovska, Natalya Rashevska, Viktoriia Tkachuk
Mobile technologies in education
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Suriakova M.V.
Interpretation of professional activity of technical universities teachers
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Zhironkin S.A., Barysheva G.A., Tyulenev M.A., Hellmer M.C.,Potyagailov S.V.
International integration as the external factor of scientific and educational potential realization for regional engineering higher schools
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Engineering design

Yuriy Naumenko
Wave formation on the free surface of near-wall liquid layer in horizontal rotating cylindrical chamber
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Engineering science

Ishchenko A.A., Grishko V.P., Barna B., Ishchenko E.A.
Technological bases of use of polymers in case of reconstruction of hydraulic cylinders
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Information technologies

Chernyi S. G.
Intelligent control terrosystems under conditions of interval uncertainty
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Zaurbekova G.N.
Information system of region ecological monitoring in case of pollution of atmosphere by industrial emissions
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Machine building

Liubomyr Romanyshyn, Taras Romanyshyn, Tetiana Vengryniuk
Modeling and calculation of magnetic systems of borehole grappling tools
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Razumov M.S., Gridin D.S.
Planetary reducer with herringbone gear
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Boryak K. F.
Analysis of the design versions of auxiliary verifier for weight-free verification of large-load platform railroad scales
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Metalware production

Parusov E.V., Parusov V. V., Sagura L. V., Derevyanchenko I. V., Dolgiy S. V., Gremechev S. A., Dem’yanova L. I.
Development of energy- and resource-saving production technology of high-strength strands
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Mining production

Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Influence of minerals development on environment
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Fikri Erdem Şeşen, Osman Işıkgül, Cevat Fahir Arısoy,Mustafa Kelami Şeşen
A study on usability of mill scale in pellet production
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Roy N.N., Dmitrenko V.I.
Tests during drilling of layers with abnormally low formation pressure
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Vladimir Bogushevsky, Aleksandr Skachok
The influence of uncontrolled disturbance actions on control of converter melting
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