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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun
Ultrasonic testing of the crushed ore particle size distribution in the pulp flow
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Vyacheslav Lobov, Bogdan Shatrovoy, Anton Gavenko
Field of asynchronous electric drive application with parametric control
PDF Full text (1147 Kb)

Сeramics and refractory materials

Rud V.D., Povstiana Yu.S., Saviuk І.V., Samchuk L.M.
Experimental research of mechanical characteristics of porous ceramics on the basis of machine-building scrap
PDF Full text (1256 Kb)

Constructional design

Aleksandr Galkin
Thermal control in the ore mines of cryolithic zone
PDF Full text (996 Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Victoria Zinchenko
Characteristic aspects of system approach in pedagogy
PDF Full text (845 Kb)

Engineering design

Alena Lovska
Research of dynamic loads acting on the supporting structures of car bodies in train ferries
PDF Full text (5856 Kb)

Engineering science

Bolshakov V.I., Chayka A.L., Lebed V.V., Sokhatskiy A.A., Tsyupa K.S., Kornilov B.V.
System reliability of blast furnace process using pulverized coal injection
PDF Full text (2285 Kb)

Ganush V. I., Ostroverhov N. P., Sultan A. V., Dzichkovky E. M., Krivchikov A. E.
Investigation of basic elements loading and tension of heavy hydraulic presses for metallurgical production
PDF Full text (1095 Kb)

Information technologies

Nataliia Lishchyna, Valerii Lishchyna, Oleh Herasymchuk, Andrii Yashchuk
Synthesis and implementation of the ordered access memory in programmable logic devices
PDF Full text (2187 Kb)

Aydosov A.A., Zaurbekov N.S., Absamatova K.A., Aydosov G.A., Zaurbekova G.N., Zaurbekov I.S.
Mathematical modeling and numerical methods of atmospheric processes determining pollutants transfer at emergency emissions
PDF Full text (1353 Kb)

Machine building

Vengryniuk T.P., Osadtsa L.V., Rachkevych І.O.
Kinematic analysis of the piston-type pump mechanisms by numerical methods
PDF Full text (892 Kb)

Ganna Shyshkanova, Tetyana Zaytseva, Oleksandr Frydman
Stress and elastic displacement in doubly-connected rectangular contact areas of machine pieces
PDF Full text (1778 Kb)

Materials science

Tatyana Danilenko
The question of determination of grain size in researches of metal structures
PDF Full text (1058 Kb)

Oleksandr Povstyanoy, Nataliia Imbirovuch, Yuliia Kuts
Peculiarities of protective coating of constructional details with powder obtained from industrial wastes
PDF Full text (3456 Kb)

Nataliia Guliieva
The filtration efficiency of porous permeable materials of saponite – titanium system composite
PDF Full text (744 Kb)

Mining production

Men Yongsheng, Jin Longzhe, Yang Zhe
Research on key technology of waterproof refuge chamber for non-coal mine disaster
PDF Full text (2720 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
The economic efficiency of ore fields development technology combination
PDF Full text (1246 Kb)

Yuriy Vilkul, Valeriy Slobodyanyuk, Ivan Мaximov
Optimization of capacity and the number of crushing and transfer stations at the deep open pits
PDF Full text (1012 Kb)

Taras Mormul
The improvement of methodic principles to make technological decisions in the context of open-pit mining while land saving
PDF Full text (1494 Kb)


Victoria Chubenko, Alla Hinotskaya, Valeriy Chubenko
Research of influence of inoculator particles dispersion on the period of liquid steel crystallization at roll continuous casting for obtaining thin plates
PDF Full text (1064 Kb)

Thermal technology

Kariuk A.M., Mishchenko R.A., Ilchenko V.V., Tkachenko I.V.
Air temperature valuation for designing of thermal protective shell of buildings
PDF Full text (867 Kb)





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