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Zhang Yuxue, Shan Chen
The analysis of the high reliability of the routing protocol based on wireless ad hoc networks in automation of production processes
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Blast-furnace process

Semykin S.I., Golub T.S., Semykina E.V.
Features of low-voltage potential effect on metallic phase in slag formed in course of out-of-furnace iron treatment by granulated magnesium
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Ivan Ivanov, Elena Matukhno, Anzhelika Mieshkova, Marina Sukhareva
Diagnostics of ecological consciousness of metallurgical students
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Wu Hongmai, Sun Jing , Yang Aiping, Ji Hongyi, Lyu Hui, Lyu Chumeng
The Evaluation of Production System Based on an Energy Enterprise
PDF Full text (400 Kb)

Evstakhy Krizhanіvskiy, Volodymyr Mykhalkiv, Oleg Taraevskiy
Influence of change of gas transportation mode on the stress condition of gas pipeline
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Yana Myanovska, Yuri Proydak, Igor Filippov, Victor Turishchev
Control of the manganese agglomerate obtaining process by varying the ratio of the components in the initial charge
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Engineering science

Li Ruoting, Sun Zhixin, Guo Mengchao, Hu Junbiao
Simulation of a Mining Truck Diesel Engine Fueled with Blended Oxygenated Fuel
PDF Full text (670 Kb)

Li Ruoting, Sun Zhixin, Guo Mengchao, Hu Junbiao
Analysis of the Cylinder Block Thermal Condition of a Mining Truck Diesel Engine
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Machine building

Kolomiets L. V., Orobey V. F., Lymarenko A. M.
Method of boundary elements in problems of stability of plane bending of rectangular section beams
PDF Full text (800 Kb)


Omelyanenko V.А.
Scientific and methodic bases of high technologies international transfer potential analyzing in metallurgy
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Materials science

Majda Mokhtari, Abdel-Hamid Saker, Bouguera Bouzabata
The effect of thermal annealing on the properties of Al1-xMnx alloys grown by DC magnetron sputtering
PDF Full text (408 Kb)

Hichem Maouche , Ali Hadji, Khadija Bouhamla
Effect of inoculation by molybdenum and nickel on hardening phenomenon and wear behavior of high manganese steel
PDF Full text (1310 Kb)

Mining production

Mohamed Chouafa, Abdelaziz Idres, Ahcène Bouhedja,Aissa Benselhoub
Enrichment by leaching of kaolin from Tamazert mine (Eastern Algeria)
PDF Full text (725 Kb)

Uchitel A.D., Zhuravlev F.M., Popolov D.M., Dats N.A., Shaida R.P.
By the rational grain-size composition of balling up part of sinter burden
PDF Full text (201 Kb)

Sun Xiaojuan
The impact of China's financial cycle fluctuation on metallurgy and mining industry
PDF Full text (455 Kb)

Zakusylo R.V., Kravets V.G., Bojko V.V.
Control of seismic effect of mass explosions using low-speed means of initiation
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Pipe and tube production

Valeryj Makovej, Vladimir Melnik, Pavel Protsenko
Production of helical heat exchanger tubes by roller spinning
PDF Full text (740 Kb)





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