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Jian Cheng, Houfa Shen, Zhiwei Han, Qiang Liu
Research on Dynamic Secondary Cooling Control System Based on Incremental PID Algorithm in Bloom Continuous Casting
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Youping Fan, Songkai Liu, Cheng Tian
Method of Relationships Exploration for Online Small Signal Stability Analysis
PDF Full text (835 Kb)

Youping Fan, Songkai Liu, Cheng Tian
Automatic Discovery and Application of Significant Relationships Between Steady-state Operation Data and Transient Stability Level in Electric Power Industry
PDF Full text (1067 Kb)

Vyacheslav Lobov, Karina Lobova, Vladislav Malov
Electric drive for conveyor burning-machines
PDF Full text (1394 Kb)

Joseph Breido, Galina Sivyakova, Artem Gurushkin
Modernization of interconnected multimotor drives of continuous annealing units
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Aidosov A. A., Aidosov G. A., Azhiev G. I., Zaurbekov N. S., Uazhanova R.U., Zaurbekova N. D., Zaurbekova G. N.
Determination of the effect of emissions from stationary sources of OGPD “Zhaiykneft” on atmospheric air pollution degree of the industrial region
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Maksim Tyulenev, Yuriy Lesin, Sergey Zhironkin, Ekaterina Garina
Coal producers waste water purification
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Oleksandra Letucha, Ievgen Samoilenko, Nataliia Tkachenko, Illia Tkachenko, Anhelina Letucha
State regulation of ecological and economic process as a factor of activation of metallurgical production in Ukraine
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Engineer pedagogics

Zhironkin S.A., Tyulenev M.A., Zhironkina O.V., Hellmer Mark C.
The global determinants of mining higher education development
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Engineering science

Songhua Li, Yusheng Zhu, Yuhou Wu
Design and Experimental Investigation of Innovative Fully Ceramic Spindle-bearing System for NC Machine Tools
PDF Full text (973 Kb)

She Xiaoli and Yang Jian
Petri Net Based Functional Safety Verification Framework on Rail Control System
PDF Full text (695 Kb)

D. Nada, M. Bousbia Salah, Gusev A.Yu
Estimation of non-stationary in time stochastic signals
PDF Full text (939 Kb)

Tao Li, Hao Liu, Pu-meng Sun, Xiao-yu Zhang
The Dispatch Optimization Model for Hydro-thermal Power Units Based on Multi-objective CVaR Method
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Information technologies

Mandrona M.M., Maksymovych V.M., Harasymchuk O.I., Kostiv Yu.M.
Development of a statistical security pseudorandom bit sequence generator by applying the systemic theoretical approach
PDF Full text (550 Kb)


Liu Ningning, Ma Yuehui, Wang Yuran and Wang Na
An Algorithm of Freight Train Number Locating Based on Template Matching and Morphological Operations
PDF Full text (1261 Kb)

Machine building

Dmytro Ivanchenko
Improvement of methods and models of choice of types of acceptance trials of modernized locomotives
PDF Full text (1928 Kb)

Materials science

Anatoliy Nyrkov, Sergei Sokolov, Sergei Chernyi, Valery Maltsev
Modern methods and analysis means of stress-strain state of ship structures
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Rud V.D., Povstiana Yu.S., Saviuk І.V., Samchuk L.M.
Research of dispersion degree of scale of die forging steel 18X2H4MA after fine crushing in tumbling mill
PDF Full text (833 Kb)

Dmytro Lutsak, Pavlo Prysyazhnyuk, Maksym Karpash
Analysis of the microstructure of tic-based surfaced layer by combining arc surfacing with self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
PDF Full text (2483 Kb)

Mining production

Jianying Liu, Qiaoxin Zhang, Yue Fang
Capsule Explosion Shock Wave Structure Under the Action of Transient Response Analysis
PDF Full text (1122 Kb)

Boris Andreev, Sergey Sergeev
Improving the technology parameters of drivage workings by the high – performance equipment considering geomechanical and organizational factors
PDF Full text (586 Kb)

Yan Wenhui, Peng Yong, Zhang Shaohuai and Wu Heng
Research on Rotary Steerable Drilling System
PDF Full text (675 Kb)

Yi Lin
Air Quality Forecast based on topological Potential in Mining Areas
PDF Full text (758 Kb)

Valeriy Slobodyanyuk, Yuriy Turchin
Dependence of pit deepening rate on organization of mining for development of new horizon
PDF Full text (1329 Kb)

Yuriy Litvinov
Improving the technology of working the benches of overburden rocks on the non- transport development scheme
PDF Full text (1708 Kb)

Ruslan Sobolevskyi, Vladimir Shlapak
Quality control of drilling operations for efficiency upgrading of creation of separation plane by lineage drilling
PDF Full text (2482 Kb)


Maria Androsenko, Vladimir Kadoshnikov, Irina Kadoshnikova, Ekaterina Kulikova, Irina Balandyuk
Impact of rolls position movement during blocks production on continuous-casting machine billets quality
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