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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Clustering results dimension reduction of iron ore raw materials characteristics in the process control of its processing
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Karіna Lobova, Oleh Boiko
Operation features of silicon controlled rectifiers of rotor commutator of the asynchronous electromotor
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Constructional design

SuminV.I., SmolentcevaT.E., Korneev A.M., Abdullah L.S.
Modeling the objective function of a multistage organizational system
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Die forging

Kukhar V.V., Nikolenko R. S., Burko V. A.
Analysis of die-forging variants of geometrically complex forgings in Deform 3D package
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Fukang Deng, Xiaofang Chen, Shuxia Wang, Chengwei Wang
Saline Soil of Urban and Rural Areas in the West of China
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Wang Shicheng
Investment Decision-Making on Renewable Energy Based on Improved Real Option Model
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Yu Wang, Chengqun Yu
Research on the Database Marketing in the Big Data Environment Based on Ensemble Learning
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Mikhalkіv V. B., Taraievskyi O.S.
Influence of gas transport volumes reduction on gas pipeline stress state
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Yana Manovska, Yurii Projdak, Igor Filippov, Viktor Turishchev
Management of the process of obtaining manganese agglomerate by varying the components ratio in initial charge
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Engineer pedagogics

Xia Zhang, Huaguang Liu, Yu Zhao, Libo Fan
Research of the Reform of Application Oriented Talent Training Mode in Mining Mechanical Engineering Teaching
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Marina Suriakova
Professional and teaching activities under technical universities teachers interpretation
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Viktoriia Tkachuk, Iryna Lanova
The contents and structure of discipline “Computer document science” for future teaching engineers
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Engineering design

Miaochan Zhao, Shuling Gao
Study on the Cost Optimization of Visual Machine Based on Multi-dimensional QoS Cloud Resource Scheduling Algorithm
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SUN Zhi-jia, GUO Ming-qi, GUO Jin-zhan
Miniaturization Design of Two-Component Grouting Pump with Small Grouting Fluctuation and Automatic Cleaning Function
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Engineering science

Renhe Li, Zhuan You, Qiongqiong Liu, Qiang Xu
Self-tuning Optimized PID Control Algorithm with Electro-hydraulic Power Steering
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Jiana Xu
Optimization of Simulated Annealing Algorithm to the Parameters of SVM Prediction Model
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You Zhuan, He Ren, Li Renhe, Liu Qiongqiong
Energy Conservation Mechanism of the EHPS in Pure Electric Bus
PDF Full text (1916 Kb)

Zhang Ying, Liao Heng-Yu, Zhao Ge
Application of Cascaded Stochastic Resonance to Performance Evaluation of Aero-engine
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Yu Yang, Hong Zheng, Chuanzhao Han
An Optimal Feature Selection Method for the Classification of Ground Cover in Remote Sensing Images
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Aleksandr Galkin
Optimum Cooling Conditions of Rocks in Underground Facilities of Cryolithic Zone
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Zhuolun Chen, Xiaowei Wu
The Study of Distributed Energy System Optimization in Low Carbon Park–an Application in Shenzhen
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Alexandr Kosmach, Dmytro Fedorynenko, Serhii Sapon
Energy parameters of acoustic emission signals at friction of surfaces of composite materials
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Yang LIU, Juqian ZHANG, Yanzhen LI, Tuo SHI, Bangchun WEN
The dynamics analysis of the inertial vibrating screen with two shafts
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Human resources

Shan Feng
Enterprise Innovation with Data Mining Method Based on Naive Bayes Model Algorithm
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Machine building

Valeriy Kuznetsov, Olena Berezshnaya, Natalia Tsyvinda, Andrey Pikilnyak
Determining of the structural schemes and performance of linear DC motor control system for welding equipment development in the layered tapes production
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Uchitel Aleksandr Davidovich, Popolov Dmitriy Vladimirovich, Zaselskiy Igor Vladimirovich
Determination of technological and power parameters of mixer-homogenizer
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Materials science

Kustov V. V., Ropyak L. Ya., Makoviychuk N. V., Ostapovich V. V.
Determination of the optimal allowances for machining of parts with coatings
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Metalware production

Yan-ling Cai, Dan-ning Liu, Lu-lu Yu, Yun-kai Zhai
On the Meta-Modelling of Light-Duty Cordless Drill for Flexible Platform Decision Support
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Chunjing Luo, Wu Zhao, Chen Wang, Ling Chen
The creative design of special rewinding machine based on KANO/QFD and TRIZ
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Mining production

Sergiy Tyshenko, Gennady Eremenko, Dmitriy Malykh, Andrey Pikilnyak
Temporal parameters of co-operation of borehole charges and power characteristics of explosive destruction process
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Helen Hnenna
Risk assessment of the complex harmful factors
PDF Full text (955 Kb)

Ishchenko K.S., Kratkovskiy I.L., Konoval S.V., Konoval V.N., Mazur A.N., Nasheda V.K.
Efficiency of blasting of rocks with complex structure by multicharges in non-metallic pits
PDF Full text (1958 Kb)

Lin Zhifeng, Jianlong Yang, Chong Chen
Discussion on Safety and Risk Control Strategy for Overseas Mineral Resources Investment and Development
PDF Full text (633 Kb)

Shao Aijun, Li ZhiGuang, Wang ShiWen and Meng QingXin
Numerical simulation and inflow prediction by the outflow test of coal mine
PDF Full text (1810 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Tatiana Gvozdkova
The theory and practice of rock massifs control in the ore mining
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Xiaoxiao Hou, Yongman Zhao, Bin Hu
Research on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Based on Quality and Cost
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