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Dan Sui, Zhen Jiao
Application of Neural Network in Optimization of PID Controller
PDF Full text (662 Kb)

Zhen Zhang, Fang Liu
Scratches Detection of Optical Fiber Connector Based on Wavelet Packet and Machine Vision
PDF Full text (1006 Kb)

Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Distributed closed-loop control formation for technological line of iron ore raw materials beneficiation
PDF Full text (1251 Kb)

Andrey Pikilnyak
The gas bubble size parameters monitoring and control method
PDF Full text (838 Kb)

Lijun Wang, Nanchun Liu, Jianjiao Wang, Jingzheng Hu, Fang Liang
Design of an Intelligent Vehicle Control System Based on LabVIEW
PDF Full text (2973 Kb)

Natalia Morkun
Identification of spatial and temporal model of concentrating production processes on the basis of the Volterra kernel conversion
PDF Full text (899 Kb)


Aissa Benselhoub, Mykola Kharytonov , Mohamed Bounouala, Raouf Chaabia, Abdelaziz Idres
Airborn soils pollution evaluation with heavy metals in Annaba region (Algeria)
PDF Full text (478 Kb)


Peng Yao, Rao Yao, Dan Yang
Prior Development Evaluation on Multifunctional Forest Resource: Illustrated by the Case of Acer Mono Maxim. Resource
PDF Full text (1395 Kb)

Jing Wei, Hengmin Zhu, Ruixiao Song, Shibing Jiang
Group Events Raised by Network Public Opinion Based on CA
PDF Full text (844 Kb)

Zhangdi Lin
Analysis on Social and Economic Influence of Large-scale Sports Events
PDF Full text (430 Kb)

Shoudong Lu, Guohua Zhou
An Exploration Study on Quality Performance Casual Path Model Based on BN Method
PDF Full text (805 Kb)

Huannan Cao, Hongmei Li, Yan Cui
Construction of Golf Tournament Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation System
PDF Full text (1142 Kb)

Minru Yan
Multi-agent Collaborative Mechanism and its Application in E-commerce SCM
PDF Full text (670 Kb)

Weidong Yu
Analysis on the Correlation between Energy Consumption Cycle and Economic Cycle
PDF Full text (522 Kb)

Yunhua Zhu, Xiao Cai
Optimal Path Selection under Emergency Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
PDF Full text (835 Kb)

Yi Su, Xiaoli An
Impact of Management Practices on Technical Efficiency Based on DEA and Decomposition Analysis
PDF Full text (517 Kb)

Pavel Gurianov
Dividend policy and major shareholding profitability
PDF Full text (314 Kb)


Gasik M.I., Panchenko A.N., Suslo N.V., Ivanov A.S.
Research and substantiation of production and application of nickel-free electrical steels for the grate bar
PDF Full text (317 Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Lijuan Wei, Li Li
Lexical Semantic Analysis Based on Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms
PDF Full text (830 Kb)

Dening Zhang, Li Zhang, Zhenjiang Cai
Teaching Reform Practice of A SCM Course Based on Inquiry Learning: A Case Study of Digital to Analog Converter
PDF Full text (3056 Kb)

Qian Wang
An Intelligent Teaching System Model Based on Web Log Data Mining
PDF Full text (435 Kb)

Engineering science

A. Attoui, H. Boualleg
External Command Study of the Phase Shifter for Applications to Array Antenna with Nematic Liquid Crystal
PDF Full text (802 Kb)

Junjun Cai, Yonggang Duan
Wellbore Temperature Distribution in Hydraulic-Fracturing Horizontal Wells for Gas
PDF Full text (1746 Kb)

Wang Wei
Internal Accounting Control Based on Computerization System
PDF Full text (487 Kb)

Baosheng Wang, Hongyan Hao, Jianmin Zuo, Mulan Wang, Yong Feng, Junming Hou
Calibration of Cutting Force Coefficients Using Surface Errors in Milling of Thin-Walled Workpiece
PDF Full text (1958 Kb)

Li Qiang, Hong Bi-guang, Gao Xiao-ri
Numerical Computation of Squat of Ships in Waves
PDF Full text (965 Kb)

Wang Zemin, Li Junxiang
Measurement of Industrial Alcohol Concentration Capacitance Method and AIA-GA Nonlinear Correction
PDF Full text (657 Kb)

Wang Zemin, Liu Wentao
Fast Pavement Detection Based on Lattice Laser
PDF Full text (1392 Kb)

Na Lin, Shikai Jing, Xiaodan Liang, Weitao Yuan, Hanning Chen
Biomimicry of Symbiotic Multi-Species Coevolution for Global Optimization
PDF Full text (1411 Kb)

Yumiao Ren,Jianbao Zhang, Xiaoni Wang, Lin Xie, Binbin Liu
Low Frequency Rotating Magnetic Field Generator And Its Application in Blood Pressure Regulation
PDF Full text (351 Kb)

Peng Wang
Stick-slip Vibration Motion Simulation of Depth Well Drilling
PDF Full text (1264 Kb)

Yumiao Ren, Yiyuan Fan
Analysis of Blood Pressure Variability Based on Frequency Spectrum
PDF Full text (2927 Kb)

Liwei Zhang
Fault Diagnosis of Oil-Immersed Power Transformers Using Kernel Based Extreme Learning Machine
PDF Full text (1452 Kb)

Information technologies

Ranran Yin
Gray Image Edge Feature Extraction Based on Differential Ant Colony Optimization
PDF Full text (645 Kb)

Yuanyuan Gao, Xuefeng Sun
Decision Classification Tree Based Track and Field Athletes Training Evaluation Model
PDF Full text (529 Kb)

Rongli Zhang, Bo Han, Aijun Liu
A Time Series is Approximated Parameter Control Algorithm
PDF Full text (515 Kb)

Hu Jianfeng, Mu Zhendong, Yin Jinghai
Framework of music Controller Based on Brain Computer Interface
PDF Full text (592 Kb)

Shoufei Gan, Shizhen Lu, Chengfang Tan
Duplicate Questions Removal Based on LDA in Q&A Community
PDF Full text (1231 Kb)

Yu Hua, Chen Juan, Ma Xiaohui
Data Mining Early Warning System Based on Virtual Learning Environment
PDF Full text (612 Kb)

Yue Zhao, Liying Du
Routing Optimization Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
PDF Full text (1858 Kb)

Mu Zhendong, Yin Jinghai, Hu jianfeng
Mobile Healthcare System for Driver Based on Drowsy Detection Using EEG Signal Analysis
PDF Full text (744 Kb)

Hailin Zou, Chanjuan Liu, Shusen Zhou, Mujun Zang
Underground Multi-Target Recognition of Ground Penetrating Radar Based on Multi-Feature Information Fusion
PDF Full text (615 Kb)

Liying Du, Yue Zhao, Yue Zhao
Information Extraction of Building Set of SAR Image Based on Genetic Algorithm
PDF Full text (1660 Kb)

Honggang Shan, Yu Liu
Feature Recognition of Body Dance Motion in Sports Dancing
PDF Full text (858 Kb)

Changyuan Xing, Zhongyang Xiong, Xuegang Wu, Fengkuan Xu, Wenjun Yang
An Efficient Convex Hull Algorithm Based on Elastic Ellipsoid in Three-dimensional Space
PDF Full text (663Kb)

Lili Zhang, Dazhi Wang
Automatic Calibration of Computer Vision Based on RAC Calibration Algorithm
PDF Full text (942 Kb)

Liu Ri-Xian, Yao Ming-Hai, Wang Xian-Bao
Defects Detection Based on Deep Learning and Transfer Learning
PDF Full text (327 Kb)

Kai Kang, Xu Ma
Indoor Positioning Based on RFID
PDF Full text (1359 Kb)

Yifang Wang
Image Feature Classification Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network
PDF Full text (718 Kb)

Peng Wang
Trajectory Algorithm for Underwater Target based on Kalman Filter
PDF Full text (798 Kb)

Machine building

Kvasnikov V. P., Ganevа T. I.
Method of measurement of stress in a loaded structures
PDF Full text (1091 Kb)

Shasha Dou, Jiansheng Xia
Numerical Analysis of Elliptical Flange Hole Forming Process
PDF Full text (1569 Kb)

Ganna Shyshkanova,Tetyana Zaytseva, Oleksandr Frydman
The analysis of manufacturing errors effect on contact stresses distribution under the ring parts deformed asymmetrically
PDF Full text (1264 Kb)

Mining production

Guo Xinyao, SONG Yinghua, Lv Wei, Guo Hui, Yang Ang
Numerical Research on Goaf Coal Pillar Damaged by Working Face Mining
PDF Full text (1326 Kb)

R. Chaabia, M. Bounouala, A. Benselhoub, M.Kharytonov
Anini iron ore deposit:mineralogy,wet magnetic separation enrichment and metallurgical use
PDF Full text (2061 Kb)

Lunev V.V., Velikokhat'ko Ya.A.
Research of obtained green pellets with the use of mathematical models
PDF Full text (215 Kb)

Gromadskiy Anatoly, Gorbachov Yuriy, Gromadskiy Viktor
Investigation of stiffness of drilling flight of roller-bit drilling mill RBDM-250
PDF Full text (601 Kb)

Stupnіk M.І.,Kalіnіchenko V.O., Kalіnіchenko V.O., Muzika І.O.,Fed'ko M.B., Pis'menniy S.V.
The research of strain-stress state of magnetite quartzite deposit massif in the condition of mine “Gigant-Gliboka” of central iron ore enrichment works (CGOK)
PDF Full text (799 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Gaponenko Irina
Improving the effectiveness of explosive breaking on the bade of new methods of borehole charges initiation in quarries
PDF Full text (1838 Kb)

Pipe and tube production

Suleiman Rakhmanov
Mathematical modelling of pressing process of bimetallic pipes
PDF Full text (1687 Kb)


Velychko O. M.,Gordiyenko T. B., Kolomiets L. V.
Hardware-software complexes for evaluation of competence level of experts
PDF Full text (502 Kb)

Velychko O. M.,Karpenko S. R.,Gordiyenko T. B., Kolomiets L. V.
Special software for expert’s competence evaluation
PDF Full text (2438 Kb)





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