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Jinping Chen, Yuyao He, Liumingyang Zhang, Wenjun Zhang
On Attaining the Multiple Solutions of SHEPWM for Bipolar Waveform Based on Improved Trust-region Algorithm
PDF Full text (609 Kb)

Lei Yu, Hongke Xu, Xin Hu
Intelligent Transportation Control System Based on Cloud Computing
PDF Full text (429 Kb)

Jian Yu, Wangang Wang
Intelligent Air Conditioning Control System Based on ZigBee
PDF Full text (175 Kb)

Jun Wang, Mingzhe Zou, Maocheng Zhao and Cong Huang
Intelligent Control in Current Digital Switching Power Amplifier for Active Magnetic Bearing
PDF Full text (517 Kb)

Tongtong Lou, Shihui Jiang, Jiye Han, Hanxue Sun
Auto Disturbances Refection Visual Servoing Control for Excavator Robot Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
PDF Full text (152 Kb)

Ji Na, Cheng Xiaohui, Zhou Lihong
Detection of Track Circuit Signal Based on Digital Phase Frequency Descrimination
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Xu Yuan, Xue Huifeng, Liu Ailong
Collaborative Validation Method for Complex Spaceflight Products Performance Mock-Up
PDF Full text (224 Kb)

Quanmin Guo, Dengxin Hua
Intelligent Control of Vehicle Magneto-Rheological Semi-Active Suspension
PDF Full text (531 Kb)

Jie Gao, Cheng Guo
Method of Modal Parameter Identification for Power System Low Frequency Oscillation Based on EEMD and Prony Algorithm
PDF Full text (181 Kb)

Oleg Danileyko, Stanislav Bondarevskyi
Experience in the developing of the laboratory stand for research of the pump operating modes in Kryvyi Rih national university
PDF Full text (458 Kb)

Mykhailo Nazarenko, Nataliia Nazarenko
Correlation model of enrichment process creation
PDF Full text (233 Kb)

Elena Kobysh, Alexander Simkin
Control model of the heating hot blast stove regenerative chamber based on fuzzy knowledge with training set
PDF Full text (355 Kb)

Vyacheslav Lobov
Method for research of parametric control schemes by asynchronous motor
PDF Full text (470 Kb)

Mykhailenko Oleksii
Research of adaptive algorithms of laguerre model parametrical identification at approximation of ore breaking process dynamics
PDF Full text (657 Kb)

Vladimir Morkun, Oleksandr Savytskyi, Sergiy Ruban
The use of heat pumps technology in automated distributed system for utilization of low-temperature energy of mine water and ventilation air
PDF Full text (169 Kb)

Die forging

Kukhar V.V.
Producing of elongated forgings with sharpened end by rupture with local heating of the workpiece method
PDF Full text (1206 Kb)


Dongmei Cui
Financial Credit Risk Warning Based on Big Data Analysis
PDF Full text (150 Kb)

Zhou Qiujie, Wang Pei
Influence of Government’S Monetary Policy on Exchange Rates
PDF Full text (222 Kb)

Zechun Ying, Ying He, Liangcong Fan
Exploring The Pricing Mechanism of Open Access Resources: A Case Study of West Lake
PDF Full text (362 Kb)

Wang Yong, Liu Zhiguang, Liu Zipu, Cui Hong
Distribution Mechanism of International Oil and Gas Project Stakeholders Based on Game Model
PDF Full text (221 Kb)

Liping Wang, Junchao Yang
Private Car’S Ownership Forecasting Based on Support Vector Regression
PDF Full text (130 Kb)

SHI Wen-Li, XIAO Ming
Empirical Analysis of Logistics Park Efficiency Based on Malmquist Productivity Index Model
PDF Full text (280 Kb)

Lin Ren, Guohua Zhou, Fangli Xia, Wang Fei, Chenshun Wu
A Flexible Job-shop Scheduling under Deteriorating Processing Time Environment
PDF Full text (406 Kb)

Mei Li, Chong Wu
Green Supplier Selection Based on Improved Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS Model
PDF Full text (324 Kb)

Li Li, Xinquan Ge, Jiang Zhang, Jianjun Wang
Long-term Relationship among the Generation of Municipal Solid Waste, Urbanization, Affluence and Prosperity of Tertiary Industry
PDF Full text (100 Kb)

Ronghui Hu
Commercial Optimal Layout Model of Stadium based on Utility Function Theory
PDF Full text (651 Kb)

Pengbin Gao, Yiduo Song, Jianing MI
Organizational Improvisation and Product Innovation Performance: A Meta-analysis
PDF Full text (255Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Li Zhang, Meng Zhang, Limin Shao, Dongming Li
Analysis of Effective Innovation Strategies on Electronic Information Engineering Specialized Practical Teaching
PDF Full text (276 Kb)

Yu Pan, Zhiwei Song, Zinan Zhong
Building and Practice of BCD Teaching Mode Based on Scaffolding Instruction in Environmental Microbiology Experiment
PDF Full text (216 Kb)

Wenxia Shan
Employment Mathematical Modeling for Universities Teaching Supervision: Apparel Design Profession
PDF Full text (193 Kb)

Engineering science

Ting Lei, Hongjun Li, Huiyang Xie, Shuanglei Feng
Analysis of Chaotic Runoff Data Based on Chebyshev Polynomials Local Model
PDF Full text (358 Kb)

Chundi Si, Chunyan Si, Yang Feng, Yang Wang
Finite Element Analysis of Asphalt Pavement on Account of Stress-seepage Coupling Field
PDF Full text (518 Kb)

Yanhong Huang
Green Lighting Design for Outdoor Basketball Court Based on Illuminance Model
PDF Full text (458 Kb)

Qiao Wang, Yue Liu
Seismic Wavelet Signal Noise Reduction Algorithm of Blind Source Separation Optimization
PDF Full text (505 Kb)

Qifeng Guo, Qiannan Chen, Shengjun Miao, Xun Xi, Zhaocai Zhang
Fluid-Mechanical Interaction Simulation and Coupling Analysis for Deep Mining of Subsea Resources
PDF Full text (3376 Kb)

Hongzhen Kang, Weihua Ma, Kai Zhang
Experimental Investigation on Specimen Size Effect of Ferrous Tailings Concrete Compressive Strength
PDF Full text (462 Kb)

Xiufang Xiong, Guang Yang, Xingshu Li
Soybean Appearance Quality Discrimination Model Based on BP Neural Network Optimized by Convergence-Improved LP Algorithm
PDF Full text (549Kb)

Xiaohui Chen, Wenzhou Yan, Kang Liu
Sewage Control planning Model of Parameter Selection Optimization Simulated Annealing Algorithm
PDF Full text (207 Kb)

Qiao Wang, Yue Liu
Weighted Iteration Optimization of PCA Algorithm in the Identification of Seismic Prospecting Signal
PDF Full text (680 Kb)

Weifeng Fan, Tianyu Luo, Feng Lv, Zhiwen Zhang
Optimal Urban Transportation Network for Tourism via Lane Reservation
PDF Full text (174 Kb)

Miao Xin, Hongqing Zhu, Mingrui Xiang, Yaguang Zhang, Danlong Liu
Application of transient electromagnetic method in coal mine fire detection
PDF Full text (834 Kb)

Anatoliy Ischenko, Elena Dashko
The researches of abrasion-resistant characteristics of polymeric material used when repairing of pumping equipment
PDF Full text (584Kb)

Information technologies

Xiangui Shi, Dekui Kong
A Multi-objective Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Elitist Selection Strategy
PDF Full text (268 Kb)

Cheng Wan
Subband SD And Kurtosis Featured NSST Texture Retrieval
PDF Full text (831 Kb)

Xianhao Shen, Jun Li, Qi Zhang
WSN coverage hierarchical optimization method based on the improved MOEA/D
PDF Full text (239 Kb)

Xiaoling Luo, Heru Xue
Weights Allocation Optimization of Search Engine Links Sorted Pagerank Algorithm
PDF Full text (276 Kb)

Le Zou, Xiaofeng Wang, Yanping Chen
An Approach of Associated Continued Fractions Blending Rational Interpolation
PDF Full text (347 Kb)

Jie Zhang, Jiali Tang, Honghui Fan
Variable Length Niche Algorithm and Application in Fuzzy Image Edge Detection
PDF Full text (330 Kb)

Zhi Yang, Jinan Gu
A Method of Manufacturing Resource Negotiation Based on MapReduce
PDF Full text (170 Kb)

Li Yang
Review of Feature Extraction Methods Based on Facial Expression Recognition
PDF Full text (236 Kb)

Huaqiao Ye
Optimization of Resource Scheduling Based On Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
PDF Full text (122 Kb)

Xianfang Wang, Haoze Du, Shuai Zhang
Dynamic Multi-objective Cooperative Optimization of Biochemical Process Based on Kinetic Model and MOPSO
PDF Full text (279 Kb)

Wangang Wang, Yongyu Peng, Yong Peng, Xiaoping Wang
Energy-saving MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
PDF Full text (244 Kb)

Peng Wang
Information Fusion Algorithm of D-S Evidential Reasoning and Cross-Layer for Multi-Target Recognition
PDF Full text (283Kb)

Kun Wang, Duoyong Sun
An Empirical Evaluation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization from Social Network Perspective
PDF Full text (425 Kb)

Jianjun Wang, Jianping Li
An Access Authorization Scheme for Mobile Node Based on Risk Evaluation
PDF Full text (174 Kb)

Yuan Feng, Weize Ding
A Self-Adaptive Information Push of Campus Micro Portal
PDF Full text (340 Kb)

Zhendong Mu, Jinghai Yin, Jianfeng Hu
Design of Smart Home System Using EEG Signal
PDF Full text (282 Kb)

Zuozheng Lian, Haizhen Wang
Simulation of Reliable Communication in Large-scale LAN
PDF Full text (270 Kb)

Ruijuan Li, Chuiwei Lu
Attribute Weighted Optimization of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm
PDF Full text (245 Kb)

Liping lu
Target Detection Ability Calculation method in Target Tracking System
PDF Full text (217 Kb)

Ge Li
WSN Data Acquistion System for Mobile Service Based on IoT Gateway
PDF Full text (212 Kb)

Liu Dianxing, Zhong Gang, Liu Wanfang
Application of ENO-Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Algorithm in Image Compression Processing
PDF Full text (358 Kb)

Congying Li, Gaoqi Dou, Jun Gao, Cai Xu
Cochannel Interference Suppression in the Single Antenna Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
PDF Full text (308 Kb)

Hao Zhang, Zhongkui Sun, He Li, Jianmin Li
A Distributed Instant Messaging System Model
PDF Full text (353 Kb)

Hua Xiang, Kang Fengju
Flexible Framework Technology in Visual Simulation System of Decoy
PDF Full text (358 Kb)

Lili Hou, Jing Li
Landscape Design System Based on Virtual Reality
PDF Full text (542 Kb)

Liang Hong, Changyuan Gao
Modeling and Simulation of the System Dynamics of Cloud Computing Federation Knowledge Sharing
PDF Full text (389 Kb)

Anatoliy Nyrkov, Sergei Sokolov, Sergei Chernyi, David Mamunts
Using Information Technologies In Dredging
PDF Full text (247Kb)

Machine building

Lijun Wang, Yuxi Gu, Yingchun Yan, Yufeng Song, Yuzhou Zhang
Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Based on EEMD-SVD
PDF Full text (958 Kb)

Junqiang Zheng, Lin He
A Segment Planning Method for Random Angle Compensation of Rotating Cylinder
PDF Full text (284 Kb)

Naiming Miao
Parametrization Design of Multi-thread ZI Worm Based on Pro/Program
PDF Full text (433 Kb)

Kolomiets Leonid, Lymarenko Alexandr, Lymarenko Alina
Application of numerical methods for the calculation of core structural elements with the discrete nature of rigidities, Winkler coefficients and detachment of the elastic supports foundation
PDF Full text (327 Kb)

Materials science

Hongqing Zhu, Miao Xin, Danlong Liu, Yaguang Zhang, Xiang Shen
Experimental study on temperature-domain dielectric spectroscopy of spontaneous combustion propensity coal
PDF Full text (381 Kb)

Lyudmila Isaeva, Yuriy Proydak, Isaak Lev, Gennadiy Tregubenko, Georgiy Polyakov
Interfacial distribution of titanium, aluminium and nitrogen in steels with nitride hardening
PDF Full text (130 Kb)

Suslo N.V., Panchenko A.N.
Investigation of influence of bound amount in the composition of briquette-modificators
PDF Full text (144 Kb)

Mining production

Anatoly Gromadskiy, Yuriy Gorbachov, Vladislav Gromadskiy
The question of hanger rotation unit of roller-bit drilling rig sbsh-250 elastic parameters determination
PDF Full text (219 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Efficacy evaluation of heat-exchange opening aeration non-stationary mode
PDF Full text (220 Kb)

Chen Long, SONG Ying-hua, Guo Xinyao, Wang Zhe
Production field numerical simulation and parameter optimization of Multi-point Hydraulic Fracturing coal seams
PDF Full text (509 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Olga Burdzieva
Metal deposits combined development experience
PDF Full text (263 Kb)

Nikolai Kachurin, Vitaly Kоmashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Environmental monitoring atmosphere of mining territories
PDF Full text (157 Kb)

Pipe & tube production

Suleyman Rakhmanov
Functioning features of the mill power line of pipes screw rolling
PDF Full text (209 Kb)


Kolomiets L.V., Podostroets К.A.
The evaluation of measurement uncertainty of total stations permanence
PDF Full text (243 Kb)


Zhenhong Li, Yingna Huang, Fanxin Kong
Flow Behavior of AISI 5140 Steel in Temperature Range Of Warm-Hot Forging
PDF Full text (601 Kb)

Thermal technology

SHEN Jing, ZHU Hong-qing, ZHANG Zhen
Experiment analysis of relationship between oxygen concentration and coal oxidation characteristics
PDF Full text (308 Kb)

Pinchuk V. A., Sharabura T. A.
Physical and chemical transformations under the thermal action on coal-water fuel made of low-grade coal
PDF Full text (300 Kb)

Alexander Ryzhkov, Evgeny Levin, Prokoriy Filippov
Use of poor industrial gases for power generation in the combined cycle
PDF Full text (300 Kb)

Hongqing Zhu, Jing Shen, Mingran Chang
Variation of functional groups in coal oxidation process at low temperature based on TG and infrared spectra
PDF Full text (688 Kb)





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