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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Formalization and frequency analysis of robust control of ore beneficiation technological processes under parametric uncertainty
PDF Full text (668 Kb)

Vladimir Morkun, Vitaliy Tron, Dmitriy Paraniuk
Formation of rock geological structure model for drilling process adaptive control system
PDF Full text (161 Kb)

Xu Yuan, Xue Hui-Feng, Wang Wen-Sheng, Zhang Feng
Hybrid Soft Computing Algorithms for Collaborative Modeling and Simulation of Performance Prototype
PDF Full text (784 Kb)

Jiantao Wu, Yongliang Chen, Jialing Shi, Huixue Sun
Intelligent Hub Shape Correction System
PDF Full text (417 Kb)

Yunbo Gao
Control Strategy of Parallel SVG on Scott Balance Transformer
PDF Full text (419 Kb)

Qiang Zhao, Anna Wang, Hao Wang
Analysis Resonant Compensation for Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Coupling
PDF Full text (296 Kb)

Iuriy Tsibriy, Heorhiy Grabovskiy
Heat exchange calculation in the intermediate container under electron-beam melting
PDF Full text (603 Kb)


Constructional design

Aleksandr Galkin
Wall stoppings optimal parameters selection in underground mine openings
PDF Full text (175 Kb)


Corrosion protection of metals

Oleg Taraevskyy
Investigation of welded pipelines joint fatigue limit with the purpose of their fatigue endurance increasing
PDF Full text (465 Kb)



Vitaly Dengub, Viktor Shapovalov, Mykola Hudyk
Determination of fiber filter dust collecting efficiency depending on particles distribution of industrial dust
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Che Cheng, Ma Wanqi
Senior Tourism Market Capacity Model in the Uncertain Market Environment
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Lin Liu, Shaohua Wang, Weiyang Yu, Wei Zhang
Evaluation of Regional Energy Structure to Low Carbon Based on Optimal Evaluation Method
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Ming Li, Wenhao Wu
Goal Conflict Management of Construction Projects Based on Game Theory
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Xianyin Lee, Jiaojiao Guo, Boxu Yang
Generating Mechanism of the Income Gap -- the Perspective of Private Investment and Economic Growth
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Zuoren Sun
Total Energy Consumption Control based on Environmental ZSG-DEA
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Ge Chen
Effort Decision in the Retailer Dominated Supply Chain Considering Supplier’s Fairness
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Li Bai, Pu Liu, Runqing Zhang
Mode Choice of Industrialized Organization Based on the BP Neural Network
PDF Full text (186 Kb)

Wei Wang
Contribution of Tourism Industry to the National Economy under the AHP
PDF Full text (186 Kb)



Rustam Hasanovich Sharipov, Bagdaulet Kenzalyevich Kenzhaliyev, Ainur Nurkalyevna Berkinbayeva
Oxidized nickel-cobalt-containing raw materials electro-chemical leaching
PDF Full text (170 Kb)


Engineer pedagogics

Yingna Feng
Design of a Virtual Badminton Teaching System
PDF Full text (663 Kb)

Qidong Fan, Yu Fu, Mingke Li
Countermeasures of Connotative Development in Higher Education
PDF Full text (287 Kb)

Peng Wang, Zhigang Lv, Bin Lei, Xiang Hua, Xiaoyan Li, Xiaobin Li
Teaching Reform of Embedded ARM System Based on Project-driven Engineering
PDF Full text (178 Kb)

He Wei, Xue Lin
Training Modes of Traffic Engineering Professionals under the Perspective of Student Satisfaction with Educational Service Quality
PDF Full text (283 Kb)


Engineering science

Lihui Tian, Lina Wang, Xianzhang Ling, Feng Zhang
Experimental Analysis on the Influence of Freeze-thaw Cycle on the Dynamic Deformation Characteristics of Silty Clay on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Yanran Li, Mingyong Liu
Target Photoelectric Detection and Laser Countermeasure Game Antagonism Analysis in Laser Detection System
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Yi Zhao, Huibing Guo, Liu Jia
Resolve of the Aiming Error Based on Euler Angle Transformation
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Daohong Qiu, Yiguo Xue, Maoxin Su, Nan Zhang, Xinwei Mu
Development and Application of a New Type of Geomechanical Similar Materials
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Borovik P. V., Seleznyov M. E.
Influence of a chevron type knife design on the quality of sheet material shearing
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Razumov M.S., Kalchenko A.N., Dubovoy A.Yu., Grechukhin A.N.
Experimental research of electromagnetic minilifter working body gripping force determination
PDF Full text (125 Kb)


Human resources

Xiaocun Shu
Influence of Ethical Leadership on Prohibitive Voice and Mediating Mechanism
PDF Full text (422 Kb)

Xiaocun Shu
Contagion Effect of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior among Members within Organization
PDF Full text (220 Kb)


Information technologies

Ivan Muzyka
Assessment method of object-oriented programming languages for web development
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Liping Lu, Hanshan Li
Target Optical Property and Multi-target Information Fusion Processing Algorithm in Target Tracking System
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Wenjuan Zeng, Haibo Gao
Image Reconstruction in Wavelet Domain Optimized by Tabu Search Algorithm
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Chengfang Tan, Guolong Chen, Qixiang Song
Sentiment Mining Analysis Based on Network Comments
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Changwang Liu, Heng Yang, Xing Chen, Yihua Lan
Image Denoising by NAM-based Detection and Median Filter
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Qiao Wang, Yue Liu
Optimization of the Connection Weights and Thresholds in the Seismic Inversion Neural Network Algorithm
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Wenjuan Zeng, Haibo Gao
Image Segmentation Based on Neural Network and Differential Evolution Algorithm
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Qiufen Yang, Weihua Gui, Huosheng Hu, Meilan Yu
Positioning accuracy optimization of driver fatigue detection projection location algorithm
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Jing An, Sen Xu
A Multi-objective Dynamic Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Population Strategy
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Defa Hu, Zhuang Wu
Image Restoration Based on Multi-Wavelet Domain Resolution Analysis
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Changhong Wu, Haiyan Geng, Guangwei Sun
Table Tennis Identification and Tracking Model of the Edge Information Optimizing Canny Algorithm
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Weiguo Zhao, Liying Wang
A Cluster Heads Selection Scheme based on CC Neural Network in WSN
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Defa Hu, Zhuang Wu
Multi-resolution Image Information Fusion Based on Compressed Sensing
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Ali Yu
Computer Simulation Modeling for Human Motion
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Chen Juan, Ma Xiaohui
Ant Colony Algorithm based on Solving Strongly Heterogeneous Container Loading Problem
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Man Yan, Lifen Wang
Local frequency adaptive filtering method based on SNR for InSAR interferogram
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Jie He, Hui Guo
A Neighbor Searching Algorithm for Gray Images Based on SNAMG Representation
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Lili Zhang, Dazhi Wang
Basketball player tracking model of hierarchical multiple feature fusion particle filter
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Shenshen Liu, Pu Zhou, Yubing Wang
Adaptive Multi-feature Fused Particle Filtering Algorithm in Player Tracking Model
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Lei Ting, Xie HuiYang, Feng ShuangLei, Wang HongQing
Local Prediction Model of Chaos Network Traffic Based on Orthogonal Polynomials
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Yingying Gong
Application of User-level Personalized Recommendation Algorithm in Sports Websites
PDF Full text (180 Kb)

Haitao Bai, Wenyao Yan
Application of NN-KNN Algorithm Combined with Cloud-based Indoor Positioning
PDF Full text (180 Kb)


Materials science

Lyudmila Nazyuta
Titanium deoxidation power in the liquid iron. Literary source review
PDF Full text (225 Kb)


Mining production

Dats N.A.
Selecting of the crusher type that can provide the charge with a narrow range of granule size composition
PDF Full text (225 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaliy Komaschenko, Vladimir Morkun, Zarema Khasheva
The effectiveness of combining the stages of ore fields development
PDF Full text (107 Kb)

Tan Bo, Zhang Zhen
Study on Prediction Method of CO Overrunning Based on the Inherent Associations of Index Gases Parameters in Renlou Mine
PDF Full text (107 Kb)

Gorbachov Yuriy, Gromadskiy Vladislav
The analysis of reasons of harmful vibrational loads of roller-bit drilling rig operating equipment
PDF Full text (107 Kb)

Elena Bondar
Fixed mining machines operating condition control automation
PDF Full text (107 Kb)


Thermal technology

Jin Xiaohua, Gu Beifang
Hydraulic Fracturing Application in Coal Seams of High Gas Content and Low Permeability
PDF Full text (204 Kb)

Jin Xiaohua,Gu Beifang
Safety Assessment for the Dispatch and Command System of High-speed Railway Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
PDF Full text (763 Kb)





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