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Andrey Kupin, Yuriy Kumchenko
Improved Algorithm for Creating a Template for the Information Technology of Biometric Identification
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Yong Wu, Defa Hu
Encryption model of network information based on AES algorithm with dimension reduction chaos optimization
PDF Full text (329 Kb)

Chenquan Hua, Huawei Pan
Wet gas flow regime identification based on flow-induced vibration and empirical mode decomposition
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Liguo Zhang, Manfeng Dou
Starting winding matching analysis of dual three phase permanent magnet synchronous starter-generator
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Vyacheslav Lobov, Karina Lobova, Mykhailo Koltiar
Investigation of temperature distribution along the height of the layer of pellets on conveyor roasting machine
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Liudmyla Yefimenko, Mykhailo Tykhanskyi, Olga Shcherbina
Analysis of the defect diagnostics methods and scanning for instructive parameters of the belt conveyor gear
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Samborskiy Yu.G.
Continuous multiple-stand hot-rolling mill speed rate investigation
PDF Full text (173 Kb)

Ivan Marynych
Distributed highly-accurate pid controller design for the systems with distributed constants
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Wenbo Geng, Yang Zhao, Quan Cheng
A method for designing the brushless direct current system using FPGA based on fuzzy set similarity algorithm
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Hongzhuo Qi
Noise-robust feature based on sparse representation for speaker recognition
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Quanmin Guo, Dengxin Hua, Lingfei Kong
Hybrid Control Strategy of Vehicle Semi-active Suspension Based on the Genetic Algorithm Optimization
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Fang Xie, Qunjing Wang
FOC for Loss Minimization of Induction Motor Using SVM
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Xiang Hua
Dust Concentration Test Methods and Its Light Energy Distribution Characteristics
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Corrosion protection of metals

Oleg Taraevskyy
Calculation models aspect for pipelines joint welds evaluation for the purpose of their endurance life increasing
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Regional geo-environment assessment for mining area based on Monte Carlo simulation and its case study
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Vladislav Rumiantsev, NikolayYakubin, Karina Bielokon, Elena Matukhno, Catherine Leventsova
Ecological aspects of the neutralization of gas emissions leaving from the resin storehouse of Joint - stock company "Zaporozhkoks"
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Zhu Wenying, Yuan Huazhi, Sun Leilei, Jiao Xinlong
Modeling and analysis of automatic sorting system of logistics with finite capacity
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Fang Lu, Xinchun Zhu, Zhiqiang Peng, Xinmin Zhou
Combination forecast on tourism demands based on IOWA operator
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Li Wang, Yunrong Li
Effects of working capital management on company value under different competitive strategies
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Bagdaulet Kenzhaliyev, Ainur Berkinbayeva, Rustam Sharipov
Extraction of Pd and Pt from dead catalysts using the leaching reagents
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Engineer pedagogics

Svitlana Hryshchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Using gis-technology in role-play as an effective means of ecological competence formation among the future engineers
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Engineering science

Xiantang Zhang, Hongbo Cao, Hongmin Zhou, Hongli Wang
Optimal tests of slotted cartridge device used in directional fracture blasting in roadway
PDF Full text (663 Kb)

Hongbiao Xie
Social disaster evaluation model based on submerge GIS and DEM
PDF Full text (287 Kb)

Qingqing Ma, Hongru Zhang
Transfer matrix algorithm of the longitudinal seismic response of multi-span simply supported girder bridge
PDF Full text (178 Kb)

Kanhua Yu, Hui Cai
Environmental impact assessment of green buildings based on gray relative analysis
PDF Full text (283 Kb)

Yingbao Zhou
Establishment of new e-commerce data processing model based on dynamic fuzzy theory
PDF Full text (130Kb)

Jing Liu , Zhuangwei Huang
GIS remote sensing image 3D reconstruction with optimization of affine invariant
PDF Full text (307 Kb)

Xiaoping Min, Hai Wang, Zhiwei Yang, Shengxiang Ge, Jun Zhang, Ningxia Shao
Relevant Component Locally Linear Embedding Dimensionality Reduction for Gene Expression Data Analysis
PDF Full text (327 Kb)

Gromadskiy V.A.
Laboratory studies of dampers of stand-alone system of electric drive vibration isolation of "Ferdinand" rotary drilling rig rotator
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Human resources

Fuzzy Evaluation Model Construction of Performance Management
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Information technology

Cai Yang, Min Hua, Songhao Jia
Image encryption algorithm based on chaotic mapping and Chinese remainder theorem
PDF Full text (422 Kb)

Hongbo Xu, Nianmin Yao, Qilong Han, Haiwei Pan
Parallel implementation of K-Means clustering algorithm based on mapReduce computing model of hadoop
PDF Full text (220 Kb)

Jing Xiong, Xiaoqi Niu, Yihua Lan
Word segmentation for computational oracle bone inscriptions
PDF Full text (219 Kb)

Jin Ling, Mu Zhendong
Similarity calculation method for time series features based on rough set
PDF Full text (196 Kb)

Hong Yang, Yongchun He
Optimality conditions for multi-objective fractional semi-infinite programming with uniform K- (Fb,p) convexity
PDF Full text (199 Kb)

Yanling Zhang, Zhengqiang Yang, Defa Hu, Yunfeng Wang
An information hiding algorithm based on voice
PDF Full text (171 Kb)

Lijun Wang, Guangchao Zhang, Hao Ren, Weijie Wu
Kinematics modeling and analysis of four degrees of freedom carrying manipulator trajectory
PDF Full text (640 Kb)

Huabei Nie, Bin Yang, Yang Zhao
Construction and realization of the algorithm bootstrap on synchronization database
PDF Full text (125 Kb)

Wenbo Geng, Honghui Zhang, Quan Cheng, Yang Zhao
Distributed embedded system for communication based on ant colony optimization algorithm
PDF Full text (501 Kb)

Feng Liu, Wengang Zhou, Yang Zhao
A weighted value scheduling algorithm based on Hadoop computer platform
PDF Full text (210 Kb)

Meiyan Lin
Feedback function optimization of financial market forecast hopfield algorithm
PDF Full text (182 Kb)

Defa Hu, Zhuang Wu
Enhancement of Degraded Image Based on Neural Network
PDF Full text (281 Kb)

Defa Hu, Zhuang Wu
A Bi-level Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Improved Strategies of Inertia Weight
PDF Full text (384 Kb)


Machine building

Victor Orobej, Leonid Kolomiets, Alexander Limarenko
Boundary element method in problems of plate elements bending of engineering structures
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Materials science

Victor Mashinistov, Oleg Galkin
Evaluation of the radiation situation in utilization of metal contaminated with radioactivity using the effect of self-decontamination
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Valeriy Balakin, Valeriy Balakin, Oleg Galkin
Practical aspects of utilization of the radioactively contaminated metal in metallurgical plants
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Mining production

Abdrakhman Begalinov, Yerdulla Serdaliyev, Eldar Abshayakov, Bagdat Bakhramov, Omirserik Baigenzhenov
Extraction technology of fine vein gold ores
PDF Full text (204 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Kоmashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Geomechanical terms of use of the mill tailings for preparation
PDF Full text (763 Kb)

Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Kоmashchenko, Vladimir Morkun, Vladislav Zaalishvili
Enhancement of lost ore production efficiency by usage of canopies
PDF Full text (155 Kb)

Shapurin O.V., Gura V.V., Grigoriev Yu.I.
Borehole charge parts millisecond-delay blasting experience under the conditions of PC “Northern GOK” quarries
PDF Full text (487 Kb)

Yakov Lebedev, Igor Luts
The mathematical model of ore particles and conveyor belt interacting process
PDF Full text (325 Kb)

GU Bei-fang,ZHU Hong-qing, ZHANG Zhen,Chang Ming-ran
Study on Comprehensive Treatment Measures of Low Permeability and Gas Outburst Coal Seam Base with Hydraulic Flushing
PDF Full text (237 Kb)

Vyacheslav Pshenichnyi
Investigation of the internal dumping technology impact on open-pit boundary with the formation of temporary internal dumps when steep deposits mining
PDF Full text (407 Kb)

O. M. Terentyev, I. N. Streltsova, A. J. Kleshchev
Mechanism of creating the prefracture zone of rock formations with magnetic and hydrocavitation load
PDF Full text (211 Kb)

Rakishev B. R., Galiev D. A.
Optimization of the ore flow quality characteristics in the quarry in road-rail transport
PDF Full text (343 Kb)



Dragobetskii V.V., Shapoval A.A., Mospan D.V., Trotsko O.V., Lotous V.V.
Excavator bucket teeth strengthening using a plastic explosive deformation
PDF Full text (322 Kb)



Jinglong Liang, Hui Li, Xin Sun, Lei Zhang, Shufeng Yang
Influence of particle size on the high solid performance coatings with BOF dust as Fillers
PDF Full text (776 Kb)

Jie Li, Weixing Liu, Yuzhu Zhang, Aimin Yang, Yanxia Shang, Kai Zhao
Study on the Effect of Various Modifying Agent on the Blast Furnace Slag
PDF Full text (785 Kb)


Thermal technology

Fang Shao, Yuting Wang, Yunhai Wang, Cai Qun
Wear of PCBN tool when cutting materials difficult-to-cut based on thermodynamics entropy
PDF Full text (879 Kb)

Hong Tu, Xiaoyan Wang
Spectral mesh smoothing for virtual simulation
PDF Full text (213 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Thermal control mining system design
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