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Vadym Shchokin, Olga Shchokina
Nuro-fuzzy activation sub-system of effective control channels in adaptive control system of agglomerative process
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Fainstein V.G., Samborskii Yu. G.
Investigation of mathematical model of continuous multistand hot-rolling mill
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Jinshi Lu, Xuejun ang, Xueheng Tao, Canghai Liu, Ato Kitagawa
High efficiency of n-level pressure hybrid power supply hydraulic servo system
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Yunbo Gao, Pengwu Han
A digital control strategy of high-frequency link inverter with matrix convertor
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Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Feasibility of using the mill tailings for preparation of self-hardening mixtures
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Natalia Morkun
Simulation of ore beneficiation based on the Hammerstein structure with distributed parameters
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Vladimir Morkun, Vitaliy Tron, Dmitriy Paraniuk
Method of automatic interpretation of information about the geological structure in the process of exploratory wells drilling
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Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Kоmashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Innovative technologies of metal extraction from the ore processing mill tailings and their integrated use
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Vyacheslav Lobov, Karina Lobova
Automated control system of industrial dust suppression process
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Sergei Chernyi
The implementation of technology of multi-user client-server applications for systems of decision making support
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Sergei Chernyi, Anton Zhilenkov, Sergey Sokolov, Ivan Titov
Self-contained drilling rig automatic control system efficiency improvement by means of assuring compatibility and integration methods development
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Anatoliy Zhosan, Sergey Lipanchikov
Numerical modeling of disintegration process dual control
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Donchenko A.V., Sulim A.A., Siora A.S., Khozya P.A., Melnik A.A
Underground railway rolling stock rational operation mode determination
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Nan Shen, Di Feng
Recognition of Process Innovation Risk Factors in Manufacturing Enterprise under the Circumstance of Informatization
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Naumov M.M., Stolbchenko O.V.
Investigation of diagnostic methods of protective efficiency of dust respiratory protective devices
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Viktoriya Zhvan
Determination of direct correlation between the cost of design the industrial objects and the cost of expertise of design documentation
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Khorolskyi V.P., Khorolskyi K.D., Gayday D.D.
Modeling of anti-crisis management of public joint stock companies of mining and smelting cluster region
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Gao Yan, Liu Chenchen
Fuzzy evaluation method of physical fitness sports subjective fatigue based on prospect theory
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Neng Wang
Risk evaluation of virtual enterprise’s task decomposition based on fuzzy-linear program and entropy evaluation method
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Yaguang Qi, Yangjun Liu
Industrial spatial structure and evolution of producer service and manufacturing
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Engineering design

Chundi Si, Yang Feng, Yongman Zhang
Highway traffic safety evaluation based on evidence fusion and extension matter-element model
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Wangang Wang, Yongyu Peng, Yong Peng
Temperature and Humidity Detection System Based on ZigBee Protocol
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Xinhui Wu, Jing Li, Junqiao Song
An automatic detection algorithm for the maize kernel row number based on its convex characteristics
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Engineer pedagogocs

Natalya Rashevska, Viktoriia Tkachuk
Technological conditions of mobile learning at high school
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Engineering science

Bo Wan, Guicui Fu, Youhu Zhao
Reliability evaluation of microelectronic device based on PoF
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Chen Ying, Ji Liu
An improved BP neural network algorithm and its application
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Huiling Liu
Fault diagnosis method of gearbox based on sampling point optimization and features fusion
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Ji Na, Cheng Xiaohui, Zhou Lihong
Application of Expert System on the Analysis of Waveform Data in the Main Cab Signal Management Information System
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Changwang Liu, Jianfang Wang, Anfeng Xu, Yihua Lan, Chao Yin
High-priority and high-response job scheduling algorithm
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Lei Feng, Chunhui Liang
A data-driven method for robust fault diagnosis
PDF Full text (1706 Kb)

Lei Zhu, Jihong Shen
Embedded extraction method based on characteristic frequency of wavelet transform frequency shift signal
PDF Full text (249 Kb)

Jianfang Wang, Ning Cheng, Anfeng Xu, Xingang Zhang, Yihua Lan
A random walk segmentation method based on wavelet scale space
PDF Full text (241 Kb)

Sun Xuelian, Teng Yingqiao, Sun Xuefeng
Chaos in weighted networks
PDF Full text (801 Kb)

Xiaohong Kong, Junpeng Xu, Wei Zhang
Ant Colony Algorithm of Multi-objective Optimization for Dynamic Grid Scheduling
PDF Full text (628 Kb)

Jingyu Wang, Junfeng Lai, Zaizai Yan
Numerical simulation on Maximum likelihood estimation of Diffusion Processes
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Human resources

Xianwei Zheng
Influence of Employees’ Unethical Behavior on Their Victimization from Observers: The role of Relationship Conflict and Deontic Justice
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Machine building

Igor Panasyuk, Mark Zalyubovskiy
Driving machine shaft angular velocity impact on motion conditional change of granular medium in working reservoir for components compounding and process
PDF Full text (277 Kb)

Victor Osmak
The railway isothermal rolling equipment classification considering the main body enclosure thermotechnical properties criteria
PDF Full text (154 Kb)

Vesnin A.V., Sistuk V.O., Bogachevskiy A.O.
The analysis of mining conditions influence to operating time of dump trucks traction drive components
PDF Full text (154 Kb)

Vesnin A.V., Sistuk V.O., Bogachevskiy A.O.
The industrial dust properties as a wear factor of pit trucks electric machines elements
PDF Full text (139 Kb)

Vesnin A.V., Sistuk V.O., Bogachevskiy A.O.
Computer modeling usage for heat mass exchange inside mine dump-truck traction generator and electrical motor research
PDF Full text (318 Kb)

Vesnin A.V., Sistuk V.O., Bogachevskiy A.O.
Mathematical models analysis for the thermal state of mining trucks traction motors determining
PDF Full text (113 Kb)

Andrey Syasev, Tatyana Zelenskaya
Lengthwise movement dynamic boundary-value problem for trailing boundary ropes
PDF Full text (130 Kb)


Mining production

Anatoliy Savchenko, Sergii Savluk
Mathematical model for the optimization of production base load of pit transport
PDF Full text (245 Kb)

Nikolay Kiyanovsky, Elena Bondar
The increasing of fixed mining machines resource rates by diagnostic maintenance improving
PDF Full text (170 Kb)

Nikolay Pyzhik, Yulian Grigoryev
Dry raw material technogenic deposits formation and development technique
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Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals

Mingsi Qi, Liang Sun, Xiaoyang Wang, Jiping Zhang
High Gn shock-cushioning and Energy-absorption-performance analysis on aluminum foam-polyurethane composite
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Chengsong Liu, Shufeng Yang, Jingshe Li, Xiaojie Gao, Linzhu Wang
Investigation on the source of surface inclusion defects in SPHC hot rolled coils by slag tracer method
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