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Fainstein V.G., Samborskii Yu. G.
Investigation of mathematical model of continuous multistand hot-rolling mill
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Vadym Shchokin, Olga Shchokina
Theoretical foundations of extension of ARMA (AutoRegressive with Moving Average) model with the usage of connectionist technologies (Brain-inspired Systems)
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Vadym Shchokin, Olga Shchokina, Sergiy Berezhniy
The example of application of the developed method of Neuro-Fuzzy rationing of power consumption at JSC "YuGOK" mining enrichment plants
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Andrey Pikilnyak
Adaptive control system of the iron ore flotation using a control action based on high-energy ultrasound
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Vladimir Morkun, Vitaliy Tron, Sergey Goncharov
Automation of the ore varieties recognition process in the technological process streams based on the dynamic effects of high-energy ultrasound
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
Adaptive control system of ore beneficiation process based on Kaczmarz projection algorithm
PDF Full text (136 Kb)

Natalia Morkun
Simulation of non-linear dynamic objects of mineral processing production
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Albert Azaryan
Research of influence of monocrystal thickness NAJ(TL) on the intensity of the integrated flux of scattered gamma radiation
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Liudmyla Yefimenko, Mykhailo Tykhanskyi
Dynamic load reduction techniques for the flight of the belt conveyor
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Olga Porkuian, Olena Prokaza, Alahmad Almouh Kutaiba
Rheological model of mixing and transformation processes in multiphase medium
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Xu Tian, Li Min
Automobile electronic leakage signal detection system based on wavelet transform
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Corrosion protection of metals

Oleg Taraevskyy
Key factors determining state of metal pipe during operation of main oil and gas pipeline
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Die forging

Dmitry Savelov, Vladimir Dragobetsky, Ruslan Puzyr, Andrii Markevych
Peculiarities of vibrational press dynamics with hard-elastic restraints in the working regime of metal powders molding
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Vladimir Lukashev, Alexandr Verenich, Vita Onda
The regularities of glycerin trinitrate transition from the ballistic material to the water environment contacting with it
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Liang Hong, Changyuan Gao
Mechanism and Simulation of Cloud Computing Federation Value-added Knowledge Capital
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Yanlin Su, Zhiwei Helian
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Equipment Manufacturing Industry and Economic Growth in a Certain Area
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Shi-Jing ZHANG, Liu-Guo SHAO, Guo-Shun WANG
Analysis of House Price Spillover Effect - Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone in China
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Yi Tang, Jianwei Wang
Economic growth and optimal transportation structure
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Xianling1 Li
Evolutionary game model with time delay
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Gu Xiaofeng, Huang Youfang, Yan Wie
Calculating method of container terminal through capacity based on unit shoreline
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Bekzod Bakhodirov, Qiyuan Peng
Diffusion mechanism and models of green supply chain management
PDF Full text (84 Kb)

Hao Zhang, Qun Wei, Qiuhong Fan, He Li
A unified modeling method of manufacturing products
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Mingsi Qi, Xiaoyang Wang, Dong Guo
Analysis on cushioning performance of copper foam-polyurethane structure
PDF Full text (209 Kb)


Engineer pedagogics

Zinaida Bakum, Ksenia Morozova
Didactical conditions of development of informative-communication competence of future engineers during master preparation
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Marina Syryakova
Students’ independent work: researches and future development
PDF Full text (167 Kb)

Zinaida Bakum, Olena Goroshkina, Svitlana Khotskina
A system to diagnose the level of future mining engineer communicative competence development
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Engineering science

M.S. Razumov
Technological parameters determination of faced rolls combined treatment
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Yanbo Li, He Huang, Xianfeng Xu, Meng Hui
Total Least Squares Identification in Gyroscopic Drift Test Scheme of the Low-angle Servo Method
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Qingzhao Li
Image Feature Extraction Based on Differential Evolution Neural Network
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Jiang Fei
An improved multi-objective and colony algorithm
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Xiaohua Zou, Lixin Tian
Application on the Improved Real Options Model in Investment Decisions of CCS Project for IGCC Power Plants
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Jian Liu, Chunping Tang, Liangliang Zhang
Simulation analysis of the temperature filed of a hollow concrete piers
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Changhong Guo
A paralleled algorithm based on multimedia retrieval
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Raber L.M., Chervinskiy A.E.
High-strength bolts control-stretch methods improvement
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Tolstikov G. I., Chervinskiy A.E.
Determination of metallurgical equipment components life
PDF Full text (209 Kb)

Serhiy Bula
Analysis of non-axially pressed reinforced concrete building constructions of metallurgical plants under local heating
PDF Full text (209 Kb)


Information technology

Wei Han, Yi Hu, Jinglu Zhang, Qiang Liu
Mobile Data Acquisition and Management System Design Based on GIS and GPRS
PDF Full text (209 Kb)


Machine building

Fomin O.V., Burlutsky O.V., Fomina Yu.V.
Development and application of cataloging in structural design of freight car building
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Korneev A.M., Abdullakh L.S. Smetannikova T.A.
Simulation of difficult industrial systems in the form of the probable automatic machine
PDF Full text (260 Kb)

Velychko O. M., Gordiyenko T. B., Kolomiets L. V.
Methodologies of expert’s competence evaluation and group expert evaluation
PDF Full text (198 Kb)


Materials science

Balakin V.F., Garmashev D.Yu., Salej O.Yu., Nevilko T.V.
Investigation of different variants of the chemical surface treatment in the process of the cold pilgering of the plain carbon tubes on the mill CTR (Cold Tube Rolling mill)-90
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Mashinistov V.Ye., Galkin O.F.
Technology for utilization of the metal contaminated with radioactivity at the enterprises of metallurgy
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Igor Levchuk, Oleksandr Shut
Iterative-connectionist identification of mathematical models of chemical technology processes
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Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals

Jiayuan Luo, Chengxiang Shi
Aluminum alloy quenching model based on direct thermal-mechanical coupling method
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Victor Lyashenko, Elena Kobilskaya, Aleksandr Aniskov
Copper strip electroplastic rolling
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Mining production

Kiyanovskiy N.V., Samoshkina S.P.
Influence of restoration surfacing on service properties of soil pump shafts
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Thermal control in mine openings
PDF Full text (260 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Improvement of openings strength in cryolithic zone
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Integrated use of mine openings in cryolithic zone
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

ZHU Hong-qing, GU Bei-fang, ZHANG Zhen
Goaf zone division and index gases of residual coal spontaneous combustion prediction
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Aleksandr Kharitonov, Aleksandr Omelchenko
Revisiting destabilizing effect of iron ore mines operational factors on functional characteristics of protection device from current leakage
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Roman Parkhomenko
Dynamics appraisal of electrical energy consumption process of iron ore mines in conditions of indeterminacy and insufficiency of information
PDF Full text (198 Kb)


Thermal technology

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Anna Koshlak
Study of the stability of methane hydrates in normal conditions
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Anna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
The temperature distribution of the materials in the convective heat transfer
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Anna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
Modeling of particle motion in a vortex layer while drying
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