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Albert Azaryan, Vladimir Azaryan
Use of Bourger-Lambert-Bera law for the operative control and quality management of mineral raw materials
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
Ultrasonic testing of pulp solid phase concentration and particle size distribution considering dispersion and dissipation influence
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun,Vitaliy Tron
Identification of control systems for ore-processing industry aggregates based on nonparametric kernel estimators
PDF Full text (405 Kb)

Anatoly Matsui
The features of the specific ore types grinding automated control in the ore preparation process
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Liudmyla Yefimenko, Mykhailo Tykhanskyi
Information systems in the technological processes automatic control development by technical condition criterion
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Die forging

Ruslan Puzyr, Dmitrij Savelov, Roman Argat, Andrej Chernish
Distribution analysis of stresses across the stretching edge of die body and bending radius of deforming roll during profiling and drawing of cylindrical workpiece
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Kargin S.B.
Development and investigation of resources-saving process of shafts forging
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Information technology

Sergei Chernyi, Anton Zhilenkov
Analysis of complex structures of marine systems with attraction methods of neural systems
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Machine building

Fomin O.V.
Improvement of upper bundling of side wall of gondola cars of 12-9745 model
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Alena Lovska
Peculiarities of computer modeling of strength of body bearing construction of gondola car during transportation by ferry-bridge
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Anatoliy Ioffe, Igor Mazur
Investigation of operating regimes of locking seat hydrovalve with air-powered drive
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Mining production

Aleksandr Galkin
Rational ventilation mode of mountain manufactures in cryolite zone
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Materials science

Mikhail Razumov
Form error calculation during polygonal sharpening of polyhedrons with even number of sides
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Kiyanovskiy M.V., Tsyvinda N.I.
Influence of firmness of cutters with plates of polycrystal superhard material (PSHM) on the basis of cubic boron nitride (CBN) for probability of technological operation completion
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Yaroslav Grudz
Formalization of the design model of gas-main pipelines infrastructure failure
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Belodedenko S. V., Yatsuba A.V., Klimenko Y.M.
Technical condition assessment and prediction of the survivability of the mill rolls
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Bergeman G.V.
Development of a new progressive rolling technology of profile of neckless grooved tram rail
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Kharlashin P.S., Asseel Kadhim Mohammed, Kuzemko R.D.
Influence of heat supply on the hydrodynamics of gas suspension motion in shotcrete – variable-delivery tuyere
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Bogushevskii V.S., Egorov K.V.
Investigation of electrophysical properties of smelting products and their connection with engineering process
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Theory of metallurgical processes

Suslo N.V., Panchenko A.N.
Investigation of influence of bound amount in the composition of briquette- modificators
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Thermal technology

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak
Design of processes of thermal bloating of silicates
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak
Production of porous material with projected thermophysical characteristics
PDF Full text (260 Kb)

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Alexander Szkarowski, Hanna Koshlak
Modeling of combustion processes water-oil emulsion
PDF Full text (198 Kb)

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
Mathematical modeling of the casting process in Comsol 3.5a package
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