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Application of metalproducts

Tielong Li, Lei Cui
Microstructure Evolution and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Joint
PDF Full text (3650 Kb)

Yan Fanlei, Yang Lianhe
3D Virtual Fabric Dynamic Simulation Based on Improved Spring-Mass Model
PDF Full text (1228 Kb)

Wei Xie
Research on the Promotion Model and Design of 6-Degree of Freedom Force Feedback Sensor of Fault Diagnosis Manipulator
PDF Full text (1250 Kb)


Zhengjun Jing, Zhimin Yu, Haijuan Zang, Mingxia Chen
An Anonymous SignCryption Scheme Based on Multilinear Maps for Multi-Receiver
PDF Full text (668 Kb)

Xiuming Zou, Huaijiang Sun, Sai Yang
Image Patch Selection Using A Novel Discriminative Saliency Calculation Model
PDF Full text (2299 Kb)

Zejun Li, Lijun Cai, Min Chen, Lijun Zeng
An informative SNP selection method based on artificial neural network
PDF Full text (1036 Kb)

Xuhui Sun
A Novel Trajectory Planning of Robot Imitating Human’s Walking and Movement
PDF Full text (1362 Kb)

Jiqin Jiang
Research on the Distributed Big Data Management of Bank Based on the Three-tier C/S model
PDF Full text (1216 Kb)

Guangqing Shan
Research on the Improvement of Proactive Workload Management Based on the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
PDF Full text (1755 Kb)

Qian Chen, Zhiguo Gui, Xin Guo, Yang Xiang
Random Forest based Online Topic Detection using Topic Graph Cluster
PDF Full text (1280 Kb)

Qiong Wu, Guihe Qin, Hongliang Li
An Improved Dijkstra’s algorithm application to multi-core processors
PDF Full text (1222 Kb)

Tian Yi
The Research of Fuzzy-controller Designing based on Tobacco-baking Control System
PDF Full text (616 Kb)

Xia Runliang, Feng Xingkai
Research on a Fast Algorithm for Mining Association Rules Based on Vertically Distributed Data in Large Dense Databases
PDF Full text (1109 Kb)

Baoru Han, Jingbing Li, Mengxing Huang
A Robust Zero-watermarking Algorithm Against Geometric Attacks with Perceptual Hashing
PDF Full text (2629 Kb)

DU Qingfu, REN Wenjian, LIU Hai, XUE Yuan, SONG Yong
The Design and Implementation of Low Power Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Trapezoidal Excitation Mode
PDF Full text (1229 Kb)

Liu Hai, Zhang Aqiang, Song Yong, Du Qingfu, Han Jitian
Comparative Research on MPPT Methods of Photovoltaic Cells
PDF Full text (2060 Kb)

Wang Yan, Cai Jifei, Zhang Yang, Li Guang
Guidance Technology of Horizontal Curved Flight for Short Range Aircraft with Inertial Navigation
PDF Full text (1627 Kb)

Zhang Xie, Liu Hongzhi
Modelling and Optimizing for Departure Scheduling without Taxiing Holding
PDF Full text (708 Kb)

Huanchang Qin, Zaiqun Wu
Improvement of Low Complexity Sparseness Controlled MPNLMS Algorithm Based on Sparse Impulse Response
PDF Full text (626 Kb)

Liu Xiao, Yang Jian, Sun Mei
Research on Fault-tolerant Monitoring Algorithm with Energy Factor Applied in Wireless Sensor Networks
PDF Full text (2358 Kb)

Chunhui Zhang, Zheying Zong, Yong Zhang
Multivariable Predictive Control System Design for Coordinated Control System
PDF Full text (702 Kb)

Changjun Hu, Rui Xu, Dandan Li
Optimization Design of Mechanism Motion System Control Based on Simmechanics
PDF Full text (2717 Kb)

Gu Sisi, Huang Lishao, Song Mei, Hu Lixia
Image Segmentation Integrated with Tower-like Hierarchical Algorithm and FCM
PDF Full text (2194 Kb)

Zhang Yongjun, Ma Jialin, Liu Jinling, Xiao Shaozhang
Micro-blog Hot Topic Prediction of LSSVM Based on QPSO Algorithm Optimization
PDF Full text (801 Kb)

LIU Ta, HANG Dong-Ping, ZHOU Hang
Research on Enterprise Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Subjective Trust Based on Fuzzy Theory
PDF Full text (820 Kb)

Yan-guang Li, Hao Bu
Research of a Mixed Robust H2 / H Controller Design for NCS with Variable Sampling Intervals and Time-delay
PDF Full text (1002 Kb)

Guanling Wang, Zhengchuan Fang, Fengsui Wang
Robust Adaptive Beam-forming Algorithm Using Rotation and Iteration
PDF Full text (735 Kb)

Yang Tang, Fang Li
The Research on the Model of Image Denoising Based on the Fusion of Anisotropic Diffusion and Total Variation Models
PDF Full text (1943 Kb)

Yude Xiao, Shaowen Sun, Qiang Guo, Guoxi Tang
Research on High Frequency Dynamic Bridge Deflection Detection Based on Digital Imaging
PDF Full text (1119 Kb)

Jie Zhao
Zero Image Watermarking Method Based on NSCT and Hadamard Transform
PDF Full text (1796 Kb)

Wei CHEN, Shouying ZHAO, Ying GE, Jie LUO, Jinfu ZHANG
Comparison between Fully Bayesian Hierarchical Meta-analysis and Classical Meta-analysis: A Monte Carlo Study Based on Correlation Coefficient
PDF Full text (1557 Kb)

Xiaoxia Liu
Research on the Identity-related Services and Key Technology Application in Internet of Things
PDF Full text (1676 Kb)

Qin Ma, Huaiyong Deng
Research on the Network Coding Design and Architecture in General File System
PDF Full text (1103 Kb)

CUI Zhong-Yuan, ZHANG Shao-Hui
Research on the Face Recognition in Color Picture Using Characteristic Extraction Based on the Kernel Algorithm
PDF Full text (624 Kb)

Song Qiang, Zhai Yan, Li Hua
Application research based on Artificial Fish-swarm Neural Network
PDF Full text (920 Kb)

Zhijuan Wang, Yinghui Feng
F2N-Rank: Domain Keywords Extraction Algorithm
PDF Full text (943 Kb)

Huang Ming, Yang Fang, Zhang Jianguang, Wang Yanmin
Point Cloud Data Simplification Using Movable Mesh Generation
PDF Full text (1711 Kb)

Chang Lin, Piao Songhao, Leng Xiaokun, Li Guo, Wang Di
A New Particle Filtering Method for Robot Sensors Autonomous Positioning
PDF Full text (2363 Kb)

Hsin-I Chen
The Development of a Scale to Measure Smartphone Dependency
PDF Full text (745 Kb)

LI Mei-an, ZHANG Pei-qiang, WANG Bu-yu
Research on Scheduling Algorithm of Cloud Computing Task
PDF Full text (595 Kb)

Zhidan Xu
Research on Energy Consumption Optimal Management Method of Random Task in CloudSim Platform
PDF Full text (1063 Kb)

Ji Luo, Ying Wang
Research on the Optimization Problem of the Manage Resource Distribution of the Particle Swarm Neural Network
PDF Full text (737 Kb)

Zhanling Li, Lijie Ma
Research on Online Data Mining of Smart Grid Reliability Based on Cloud Computing
PDF Full text (627 Kb)

Xuguang Chai, Wei Li, Lina Huo
Secondary Prediction Mode Selection Algorithm Applied in Video Coding in wireless transmission system
PDF Full text (735 Kb)

Fan Lin, Lvqing Yang, Wenhua Zeng, Yue Wang
Service Oriented CSOMA Model for Risk Evaluation of Cloud Computing System
PDF Full text (1383 Kb)

Fan Lin, Jianbin Xiahou, Hao Wang, Yue Wamg
The Quality Comparison of Audio Time Shift Effects Using Different Sub-Bands Window Function and RBF Classify
PDF Full text (1059 Kb)

Igor Lutsenko, Fomovskaya Elena
Synthesis of cybernetic structure of optimal spooler
PDF Full text (2791 Kb)

Blast furnace process

HAN Bing-yuan, BEI Shao-yi, YAO Ju-kun, WANG Xiao-ming, FAN Xin, ZHANG Lan-chun
Gasoline engine optimal performance with oxygen-enriched air intake condition and analysis of system remanufacturing
PDF Full text (887 Kb)

Yunfei Ma, Xiaofei Ma, Peifeng Niu
Research of Utility Boiler’s NOx Combustion Optimization Based on Relevance Vector Machine
PDF Full text (770 Kb)

Coke and by-product process

Li Changhong, Ma Qiantian, Mao Tianwei
Study on b-Value Characteristics of Acoustic Emission of Cemented Waste Rock Backfills during Short-Term Creep Process
PDF Full text (2235 Kb)

Bai Niuniu, Ling Binshang, XiaoRenping, LiJing, LiXin, ZhangXiangmin
The advance research of organic silane rubber asphalt stabilizer
PDF Full text (678 Kb)

Corrosion protection of metals

Zhang Yu-Fu, Hao Yuan, Ma Ying, Song Weng-Ming
Research on Comprehensive Corrosion Behavior of Copper-Nickel Alloys in Multi-Medium Environment
PDF Full text (2732 Kb)

TANG Xu-guang, XIE You-jun, LONG Guang-cheng
Experimental Investigation on imitative RPC Material to Sulphate Attack
PDF Full text (2361 Kb)

ZHANG Yu-Fu, HAO Yuan, MA Ying, Song Wen-Ming
Research on Corrosion Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 in Multi-Medium Environment
PDF Full text (3632 Kb)

Lei Jiang, Ditao Niu
Study on Damage Failure Criterion of Concrete under Sulfate Attack and Drying-Wetting Cycles
PDF Full text (934 Kb)

Pinchuk S. I., Gubenko S. I., Belaya E. V.
The influence of non-metallic inclusions on the corrosion and strength prop-erties of wheel steel
PDF Full text (532 Kb)


Kai Huang, Desuo Cai, Jinchuan Guo
Experimental Study of Water Movement in Sugarcane Field Soil with Drip Irrigation
PDF Full text (772 Kb)

Yi zheng, Xue Yang
Supply chain coordination contract with carbon emissions sensitive demand and green technology investments
PDF Full text (594 Kb)

Wan linwei
Comparative Analysis of Development Patterns of Mining Areas from the Point of View of Environmental Economics
PDF Full text (670 Kb)

Zhi ZHOU, Ying HUANG, Guijun ZHANG
Interactive Transmission Mechanism of Eco-environmental and Social Benefits in Sustainable Urban Regeneration
PDF Full text (693 Kb)

Weiqing CHEN, Wenwen XU, Xinmo ZHENG
A Lactobacillus plantarum strain newly isolated from Chinese sauerkraut with high γ-aminobutyric acid productivity and its culture conditions optimization
PDF Full text (1457 Kb)

Huang Ming, Hu Shuyu
Impacts of Government Subsidies on Green Supply Chain Based on Game Theory
PDF Full text (695 Kb)

Comparative Analysis on Credit Risks of New Energy Industry and Traditional Energy Industry Based on KMV Model
PDF Full text (542 Kb)

Huang Ming, Hu Shuyu
Revenue Sharing Contract of the Green Supply Chain Based on Centralized Decision Making and the Game Model
PDF Full text (1165 Kb)

Yongbo Liu, Zhuoling Bai
The Study on Smart City Construction Assessment Based On TOPSIS – “the PRD city clusters” as the case
PDF Full text (613 Kb)

Li Ming, Jin Hong
Analysis and Improvement Strategy of Winter Monsoon Environment of Courtyards in Villages and Towns of Cold Areas
PDF Full text (2961 Kb)

Na Li, Wei Wang, Fang Zhang, Zhang Chen
Double Exponential Prediction Model for Surface Subsidence Distribution Due to Foundation Pit Excavation
PDF Full text (764 Kb)

Shu Chen, Haojie Liu
Research on the Application of Data Mining Technology Based on Rough Set in the Development of Bio Health Industry Cluster
PDF Full text (589 Kb)


Yong Li, Han Ren
Identifying Micro Trade Areas Using Sales Information
PDF Full text (580 Kb)

Guangshuai Li, Ying Bi
The Influence of Insider Law on preventing insider information leakage
PDF Full text (570 Kb)

Li Chong, Liu Xihua, Bai Xue, Zou Huijun, TO/MINH HUONG
The Research on the Energy Consumption and Energy Trading in China
PDF Full text (648 Kb)

Yuming Luo
Research on Commercial Bank’s Personal Financing Business Usage Intention Model
PDF Full text (736 Kb)

Fengjuan Liu
Quantitative Analysis of Real Effective Exchange Rate and The Related Economic Factors Based on Panel Data from 53 Countries
PDF Full text (541 Kb)

Hao Guo, Dong Wang, Xinran Ma
A study on the Relationship between Housing Prices and Inflation from the perspective of Bank Credit
PDF Full text (585 Kb)

Yin Xiaobo, Zhou Xinying
Analysis of Service Trade and Economic Growth between China and Thailand
PDF Full text (1060 Kb)

Yin Xiaobo, Zhou Xinying
Sino-Thailand Bilateral Trade in Agricultural Products Competition and Complement
PDF Full text (629 Kb)

Feng Tian
Art Economic Difference Between Northern and Southern taking Beijing and Guangzhou for Example
PDF Full text (859 Kb)

Xiaoli He, Yu Song, Ralf Volker Binsack
Design of RFID Security Authentication Protocol for E-Commerce Service
PDF Full text (659 Kb)

Qingqiang Meng, Xue Han
Research of Precise Marketing Strategy Based on Data Mining
PDF Full text (1053 Kb)

Dong Shaozeng
Research on the Big Data Model of E-Commerce in Cloud Networking Based on Consumer Behavior
PDF Full text (587 Kb)

Yue Kun, Hu Jian, Liu Shiming
The Village Cadres Poverty Alleviation Work Satisfaction Research by Villagers–Based on the Investigation of Fuping County
PDF Full text (549 Kb)

Juan Shi, Qian Wang
Research on the Risk Analysis of Supply Chain Finance from the Perspective of Encoding Function Forecast
PDF Full text (1409 Kb)

Hai Sun
Research on the Fuzzy Statistical Theory and Its Application in Economic Forecasting and Decision Making
PDF Full text (852 Kb)

He Yong
Comparative Study on the Effect of Risk Control Organization of Inform Finance Institutions
PDF Full text (572 Kb)


Shao Zhenhua, Zheng Mei-rong, Chen Tianxiang, Chen Li-an, Zhao jing
Optical Fiber Blind Sources Separation Sensor for Partial Discharge Detection in 12kV Power Transformer based on PSD-PSO Algorithm
PDF Full text (1245 Kb)

ShaoZhenhua, Zheng Mei-rong, Chen Tianxiang, Chen Li-an, Zhao jing
Partial Discharge Fault Decision and Location of 12kV Power Transformers based on Optical Fiber Sensor and Power Spectrum Density Algorithm
PDF Full text (1718 Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Fang Li
Research on the Computer Skills Training System in Higher Vocational Education Based on the Cloud Computing
PDF Full text (1285 Kb)

Yuanzhen He
Design of Education Cost Assessment Information System based on DEA Cost Minimization and DEA Efficiency
PDF Full text (758 Kb)

Zhao qingjun
Scientometric analysis of researches in Chinese Universities
PDF Full text (498 Kb)

Wei Chonghong
Research on the Influence of Social Value Comment Factor in Career Planning of University Teachers
PDF Full text (799 Kb)

Fumeng Gao
Application of Audition CS6 Adobe in College English Multimedia Teaching
PDF Full text (992 Kb)

Zhang Long, Jianxin Zhang
Research on The Psychological Problems of Private Higher Vocational Students By Using Network And Mobile Terminal
PDF Full text (574 Kb)

Ma Jun, Cao Liping
Research on Assessment System of Classroom Teaching Quality Based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment –Take Northwest University for Nationalities as an example
PDF Full text (691 Kb)

Natalia Kiyanovska, Natalya Rashevska
Using LMS for Supporting Training Mathematics in Higher Education
PDF Full text (1989 Kb)

Marina Suryakova
Interpretation of personality in general psychological approach
PDF Full text (679 Kb)

Serdiuk Olga
Criterion of identification of test steps in training and educational systems
PDF Full text (3019 Kb)

Engineering design

Qian Chen, Zhiguo Gui, Xin Guo, Yang Xiang
Gaussian generative model based Topic Detection using Factor Analysis
PDF Full text (668 Kb)

Lijun Tang, Wei Wu
Design of cognitive algorithm based on data traffic control for underground accurate positioning system
PDF Full text (722 Kb)

Xu Ruihong, Yu Chongxiu, Hsu Dahsiung
A Simplified Model of 3-pump and 4-pump Four Wave Mixing Processes with Same Wavelength Spacing in Optical Fibre
PDF Full text (1324 Kb)

Shasha Dou, Jiansheng Xia
Numerical Analysis of Sheet metal Drawing and Redrawing Process
PDF Full text (1827 Kb)

Hu Zheng-feng, Li Po, Jin Hui-xia, Wu Gang-feng, Zhang Ke-feng
Advances in Modeling Root Water Uptake – A Review
PDF Full text (657 Kb)

Zhijuan Wang, Yinghui Feng
The Methods Comparison of Collecting Mongolian Websites
PDF Full text (894 Kb)

Zhang Shuiping, He Zhenzhen
Incremental Concept Lattice Structure and Synchronous Calculation of Intent Reduction
PDF Full text (559 Kb)

Luo Xiao-qiang and Wang Lei
The Passenger Demand Prediction for Airport Line of Rail Traffic
PDF Full text (878 Kb)

Fan Cui, Zhen Guo, Le Xu
Clustering Analysis Based on Chaos Immune Algorith
PDF Full text (870 Kb)

Chen Juan, Huang Yuan-sheng, Lu Bin
Optimization of Microgrid Dispatch by Using Co-evolutionary Method
PDF Full text (794 Kb)

Zhang Zi-mu
A Research and Review for Temporal Slots Division Algorithms of Tactical Data Link
PDF Full text (566 Kb)

Jingti HAN, Sheng ZHANG
Modelling online Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Network: Based on Supernetworks Theory
PDF Full text (987 Kb)

Guogang WANG, Zongliang GAN, Guijin TANG, Ziguan CUI, Jishen LIANG, Xiuchang ZHU
Novel Demosaicking Method Using Nonlocal Similarity Fusion
PDF Full text (2643 Kb)

Yi Wang, Xiuqin Su
A Novel Design of High-Throughout Hard Ware Implementation for Video Decoding based on H.264
PDF Full text (1725 Kb)

Tu Xionggang, Chen Jun, Zhang Changjiang
Community Discovery Optimization Algorithm in Social Network
PDF Full text (1475 Kb)

Application of Multi Feature Watermarking Algorithm for Ownership Protection in the Judicial Authentication and Copyright
PDF Full text (860 Kb)

Hongjun Chen
Quest3D Technology in Landscape Design
PDF Full text (2156 Kb)

Wang Xingzhu
A Layered Bayesian Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm
PDF Full text (1226 Kb)

Peng Jing, Jia Junxia, Liu Tao
Image Compressed Sensing Algorithm Based on Contourlet Sparse Representation
PDF Full text (1097 Kb)

Li Shao-Hua, Feng Jing-Ying, Lou Ou-Jun, Jing Yu
Method of Generating Robust Image Zero-watermark and Fragile Watermark Based on Singular Value
PDF Full text (880 Kb)

Yijiang Zhang
Research on X-ray Image Enhancement Technology Based on Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm
PDF Full text (2206 Kb)

Niu Xuetong
FCM-LSSVM Based on Training Sample Selection
PDF Full text (1905 Kb)

He Sheng, Chen JieDong, Hou YongJin
IHS-LSSVM Based Brain CT Image Classification
PDF Full text (967 Kb)

Zhang Yongjun, Ma Jialin, Liu Jinling, Xiao Shaozhang
Network Hotspot Prediction Model Based on GA-WRVM
PDF Full text (1273 Kb)

Xiaoli He, Yu Song, Ralf Volker Binsack
WSN Maximum Lifetime Combining the Heuristics Based on pERPMT
PDF Full text (1094 Kb)

Qiong Zhang, Minfen Shen, Bin Li , Cheng Cheng
Wavelet Sparse Representation based Beam-forming for Ultrasound Imaging: Theory and Simulation
PDF Full text (1125 Kb)

Xu li, Bai jinniu, Li leimin
Brain CT Image Classification Based on Improving Harmony Search Algorithm Optimize LSSVM
PDF Full text (965 Kb)

Zhang Yongjun, Ma Jialin, Liu Jinling, Xiao Shaozhang
PSR-SVR Network Public Opinion Prediction Model
PDF Full text (1254 Kb)

Yong He
The Old and New Notes Recognition Algorithm Based on Image Edge Character
PDF Full text (1720 Kb)

Liu Jingwei, Lv Liyuan, Liu Xi
Research on the Evaluation of REDD+ Operational System
PDF Full text (657 Kb)

Yan-Xi Liu, Zeng-Li Fan, Ze-Mei Gao, Yun-Xiang Li, Qiu-Mei Quan, Ping Yang
Which is the Best Model for Describing Light-response Curves in two Bergenia Species
PDF Full text (524 Kb)

W.C.Lang, H. Du, B. Gao
Design of the Quasi-diffuse Vacuum Arc Source with Cold Cathode in Vacuum Arc Deposition
PDF Full text (1584 Kb)

W.C.Lang, Y. Cao, H. Du, X.H. Wang
Effect of multi-mode dynamic coupling magnetic field on arc spots movement in arc ion plating
PDF Full text (1493 Kb)

Wei-Hua Bai, Jian-Qing Xi, Shao-Wei Huang, Jia-Xian Zhu
Multi-Granular Application Management Platform and Multi-Core-Aware Parallel Scheduling Model
PDF Full text (2087 Kb)

Song Liangong
Research on the Application of Data Mining Algorithm Based on Decision Tree
PDF Full text (664 Kb)

Shuze Geng, Jing Luo
Face and Eye Location of Multi-pose under Illumination
PDF Full text (1895 Kb)

Hongcheng Zhou, Daobo Wang
Airflow angle control of hypersonic flight vehicle with time-delay input
PDF Full text (640 Kb)

Chao Peng, En Cheng, HaiXin Sun, Guangtao Yao
Detection of Multi-Frequency Weak Signal Based on Stochastic Resonance
PDF Full text (845 Kb)

Xuesong Yan, Qinghua Wu, Hanmin Liu
Digital Circuit Optimization Design Algorithm Based on Cultural Evolution
PDF Full text (998 Kb)

Jinguo Zhao, Chen Min, Qingyun Luo
Research on the Modeling and Optimization on Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network for Natural Disease
PDF Full text (973 Kb)

Huang Jinjie, Hao huanrui
Research on the Robust Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Fractional Algorithm
PDF Full text (1755 Kb)

LUO Gaofeng, WANG Zhenglu, HUANG Tongcheng
An Improved Multi-query Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
PDF Full text (679 Kb)

Xueming Qian, Baotong Cui
Mobile Sensor Networks for Sampled Position Data Control of an array of Distributed Parameter Systems with Randomly Occurring Sensor Saturations
PDF Full text (671 Kb)

Qin Gao, Yi Zhong, Xinjuan Zheng
Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multimodal Function Optimization
PDF Full text (1102 Kb)

Liping Yuan, Shimingyi Chen, Yijun Wangi
A Dependency Tree Based Improvement in Network Coding of General File System
PDF Full text (2285 Kb)

Engineering science

Chen Keming O.S.
Analyze Comparison Research on Three Biological Evolution Algorithms
PDF Full text (1339 Kb)

Liu Qi, Huang Zhenzhen
Research on Power Load Forecasting Models Based on Simulated Annealing Support Vector Machine (SA-SVM) Algorithm Mathematical
PDF Full text (570 Kb)

ShuanFeng Zhao, Guo Wei
The Development Of Vehicle Dynamics Model For Dangerous Driving Behavior
PDF Full text (1172 Kb)

Hua Zou, Fu Lin, Lei Guo
A Fast and Robust Segmentation method for Liver Tumor
PDF Full text (1308 Kb)

Chuiwei Lu, Zhiyuan Liu, Peng ji
A Random Key Management Scheme Based on Hash Chain in Wireless Sensor Networks
PDF Full text (821 Kb)

Dongmei Li, Jianping Hu, Yuejie Zhang
Super-Threshold Computing of FinFET Flip-Flops
PDF Full text (943 Kb)

Human resources

Hui Li, Qun Wang
Evaluation of Administrators’ Leadership in Chinese Public Sectors Based on Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Model
PDF Full text (510 Kb)

Yi Shi, Ning Xu
Study of Enterprise Human Resource Information System
PDF Full text (2060 Kb)

Shi Dong-mei, Tong Lei, Wang Hui-jun
Constraints on Problems of Rural Manpower Capital Training and Exploitation in China
PDF Full text (541 Kb)

Jiaying Chen, Shaojiang Lin, Zhiyi Meng
Enterprise Technological Innovation and Market Innovation of Innovative Management
PDF Full text (2669 Kb)


Jinrong Zhang, Ling Wu, Haoxue Liu, Wenxuan Wang, Ping Li
Research on Fast Estimate Model for Concentration’s Distribution of Chlorine Leakage of Moving Tank Car
PDF Full text (1235 Kb)

Zhenyu Su, Hongmei Huang, Guoqing Jing
Experimental analysis permeability characteristics of fouling railway ballast
PDF Full text (1901 Kb)

Niu Zhonghai, Jia Yuanhua, Zhang Liangliang, Liao Cheng
Prediction for Short-term Traffic Flow Based on Elman Neural Network Optimized by CPSO
PDF Full text (1108 Kb)

Dai Jun, Guo Ji-kun, Niu Yong-jie, Wang Guo-jing
Research on the Optimization of Distributed Logistics Routing Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm
PDF Full text (856 Kb)

Jichao Hu, Zhentao Ni
Cloud Scheduling Algorithm Based on Phase Space Analysis Model
PDF Full text (948 Kb)

CHENG yi, CUI Li-yun, XIU Chun-Bo
LD-RPath Algorithm in Real-Time Multimedia Transmission
PDF Full text (975 Kb)

Kou Wei, Liu Xinhui, Chen Wei, Ren Feng
Path Tracking Control of the Wheeled off-road Articulated Vehicle with Actuator Saturation
PDF Full text (832 Kb)

Xin Liu
A Research on the Developing Route and Model Structuring for Logistical Public Information Platform of “Smart Zhuzhou” in Circumstance of Big Data
PDF Full text (1445 Kb)

Jianghua Wang, Bo He, Shiying Jiang
Application of AHP-FUZZY Comprehensive Evaluation Method on the Evaluation of Enterprises’ Logistics Outsourcing Risks
PDF Full text (605 Kb)

YAO Chen, Li Chengbing, GAO Chao, HU Xinghua
Study on Speed-Flow Relationship Model of Urban Roadways Traffic Flow in China
PDF Full text (624 Kb)

Machine building

Qi Yu-ting
DEA-Based Operational Efficiency Empirical Study for China’s Listed Construction Firms with the Belt and Road Initiative
PDF Full text (640 Kb)

Yujing, Wang, Yongkui, Li, Peidong, Guo
Modelling Construction Project Management Based on System Dynamics
PDF Full text (812 Kb)

Huang Li
Fuzzy Assessment of Quakeproof Property in Stadium Buildings
PDF Full text (638 Kb)


Jie Zhang
An Adaptive Immune Genetic Algorithm for Machinery Manufacturing Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing System
PDF Full text (845 Kb)

Materials science

Anatoly Avtukhov
Analysis of structure formation stability in the centrifugal cast plate rolls of nickel-chromium cast iron when entering inoculant feedings
PDF Full text (4234 Kb)

Gorbatyuk S.M., Gerasimova A. A., Radyuk A. G
Using the Coating for the Diffusion Layer Obtaining on the Walls of the Mold (CCM)
PDF Full text (1358 Kb)

Aleksei Kotrechko
New means for determination of metal and its alloys hardness according to Kotrechko method
PDF Full text (839 Kb)

Kutsova V. Z., Kovzel M. A., Grebeneva A. V., Ratnikova I. V., Velichko O. A.
The Influence Of Alloying Elements On Structure Formation, Phase Composition And Properties Of Chromium-Manganese Iron In The Cast State
PDF Full text (3604 Kb)


Qingqiang Meng, Xue Han
Study on Microblogging Marketing System Based on KNN Classification Algorithm
PDF Full text (1624 Kb)

Metalware production

Guanling Wang, Yong Cai, Liu Jiang, Fengsui Wang, Guangzhen Dai
Improvement of High Accuracy X-ray Thickness Gauge for Metal Plate
PDF Full text (1384 Kb)

Hu Can, Liao Jiean, Liu Xinying, Zhao Jinfei
An Experimental Study: Effect of Technological Parameters on Cutting Force in Processing Hetian Jade by Ultrasonic Grinding
PDF Full text (1177 Kb)

Hong Guo, Nailin Tian, Shien Liu
Effect of Attenuation on Thin Sand Bed AVO
PDF Full text (1238 Kb)

YU Tian-hao, JIANG Yin-long
Experiment on Fatigue Performance of Joints of Upper Plate and U-shape Stiffening Rib at Diaphragm
PDF Full text (3955 Kb)

Li Zhijie, Wang Sufen, Zhou Zhaozhong
Research on Roller Circumferential Contour Model of Deformation Zone for Warm Rolling Strip
PDF Full text (3079 Kb)

Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals

Yuejie Zhang, Jianping Hu, Tianfang Ma, Beibei Qi
Super-Threshold Adiabatic FinFET SRAM with PAL-2N Logic
PDF Full text (2240 Kb)

Mining production

Zhe Yang, Longzhe Jin, Yufeng Yang, Sheng Wang
Experiment and Analysis on Positive Pressure System of Mine Refuge Chamber
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Chuanhua Zhu, Weifeng Wang
3-D tectonic stress field simulation for serious heterogeneous reservoirs
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Guoyuan Zhang, Xi Wang, Xiangyu Zou, Hui Xue, Duan Zhao, Enjie Ding
Research on Wireless Power Transmission System for Coal Mine Wireless Sensor Networks
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Popov S. O., Malinowskii Yu. A., Danilina G. V., Kozyrev S. N.
The application features of conveyor trains at mining on deep horizons
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Nonferrous industry

LI Pan, Zhou Zhaojun
Application of BP Neural Network and 3D Orebody Carving in Estimate of Natural Gas Hydrate Reserves
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LiFang, Pu Xiaolin
Optimization of Rheology Models of Non-dispersed Polymer Drilling Fluid
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Pipe and tube production

Vyshinsky V.T., Rakhmanov S.R.
On the implementation of vibrational cold pilger pipes rolling
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Dragobetsky V.V., Zagoryansky V. G., Voronin A. V.
Process modeling of elastic-plastic deformation of steel-aluminum compositions produced by impact bonding
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Maksimenko O. P., Izmailov M. K., Loboyko D. I.
The longitudinal stability of the rolling process with strip tension at a two-section friction model in the roll pass
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Xiaoming Wan
Centralized Scheduling Solution for the IEEE 802.16 Mesh Mode Based on Novel Base Station Scheduling Algorithm
PDF Full text (1205 Kb)

Ning Liu, Qiuyun Cheng
Study on Video Fingerprint Algorithm Based on Luminance Structured Quality Assessment
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Thermal technology

Fedorov S. S., Gubinsky M. V., Foris S. N.
Research of the influence of the sub electrode section on the work of electro-thermal fluidized bed furnaces
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