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Vyacheslav Lobov, Karina Lobova
Choice of braking method of asynchronous electric motor for using in electric drives of conveyor equipment
PDF Full text (2050 Kb)

Karina Lobova
Pellets Temperature distribution on a conveyor roasting machine
PDF Full text (1485 Kb)

Kolomiets L. V., Kleschev G. M.
Active method of measurements with the use of laser deviceson the base of integrated adaptive through system of stamps manufacture automatization
PDF Full text (511 Kb)

Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Distributed control of ore beneficiation interrelated processes under parametric uncertainty
PDF Full text (1056 Kb)

Morkun Vladimir, Savytskyi Oleksandr, Tymoshenko Maxim
Optimization of the second and third stages of grinding based on fuzzy control algorithms
PDF Full text (650 Kb)

Li Zhang, Dening Zhang, Yushen Jia
Parameter Acquisition System of High Voltage Electrical Equipment Based on Field Operation Standardization Platform
PDF Full text (1996 Kb)

Yin Jinghai, Hu Jianfeng, Mu Zhendong
BCI-based Electric Cars Controlling System Platform

PDF Full text (4656 Kb)

Bo Huang
Greenhouse Environment Wireless Monitoring System Based on ZigBee Technology
PDF Full text (343 Kb)

Qiudong Yu, Guanghui Teng
Agricultural Environmental Data Monitoring and Control System Based on Internet of Things
PDF Full text (416 Kb)

Yang Sun, Yawen Dai
Low-Power Consumption Wireless Monitoring System Based on MSP430/LabVIEW
PDF Full text (933 Kb)

Albert Azaryan, Andrey Pikilnyak, Dmitriy Shvets
Complex automation system of iron ore preparation for beneficiation
PDF Full text (933 Kb)

Constructional design

Aleksandr Galkin
Calculation of parameters of cryolithic zone mine openings thermal protection coating
PDF Full text (1996 Kb)

Aleksandr Galkin
Thermal conditions of the underground town collector tunnel
PDF Full text (1570 Kb)


Min Zhang, Shuliang Zou
Inversion and construction of nuclear radiation field
PDF Full text (1376 Kb)

Bo Tang, Xiaoguang Zhao
Analysis of the Influence of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Pb-Zn Mining Area on Environment Ecology
PDF Full text (1542 Kb)


Pavel Gurianov
Formation of pollutant emissions trading optimum model at the international market
PDF Full text (292 Kb)

Baoling Zhou
Evaluation on the International Competitiveness of Japanese Culture Industry
PDF Full text (347 Kb)

Erwei Han, Huifeng Xue, Yuan Xu, Ajuan Mu
Tacit Knowledge Management and Innovation Performance The Mediating Role of Intellectual Capital
PDF Full text (888 Kb)

Wei Cui, Zhiyuan Zhu, Junchao Feng, Wei Zou
Urban Construction Land Deployment Based on Ecological Efficiency Malmquist Index
PDF Full text (403 Kb)

Jian Wei, Li Yang
Cooperative Development on Higher Education and Economic Development
PDF Full text (1324 Kb)

Qin Yang, Yanwu Wang
Analysis of Perceived Security in B2C Electronic Commerce Website
PDF Full text (611 Kb)

Weidong Yu
Analysis on the Correlation between Electricity Consumption Cycle and Economic Cycle
PDF Full text (634 Kb)

Yang Han, Xiangbin Yan
Project Evaluation Model Based on Group Decision-Making Vector Optimization of AHP Algorithm
PDF Full text (506 Kb)

Fukang Deng, Xiaofang Chen
Beautiful Countryside Construction and Planning Adjusted by Macro Economy
PDF Full text (1185 Kb)

Debin Tian, Cuixia Li
Influence Factors of Grain Yield Fluctuation Based on Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
PDF Full text (381 Kb)

Huan Wang
Analysis of Corporate Financial Management System under the Model of Multi-Level Decision-Making Model
PDF Full text (463 Kb)


Beloglazov Iliа, Pedro Anatoly
Application of valve action of alternating current electric arc
PDF Full text (1186 Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Kateryna Polgun
Model of mathematical competence formation of technical specialties students in the conditions of inclusive learning
PDF Full text (284 Kb)

Xiaoyan Zhang, Jin Luo
Teaching System Based on Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction
PDF Full text (2490 Kb)

Bondarenko Olha, Mantulenko Svіtlana
Structural-functional analysis of future mining engineers readiness for professional activity
PDF Full text (273 Kb)

Aiping Li, Xiaomin Zhou, Hong Li
Visualized Layout of Coordinated Information Discussion in Online Teaching
PDF Full text (1251 Kb)

Engineering science

Wang Zemin, Wang Zhonghua, Wang Chu
CCD Mosaic of Big Target Surface Vertical Target
PDF Full text (620 Kb)

Jiantao Wu, Li Sun, Li Ying Wei, Huixue Sun
A PTV Method Based on SIFT Feature Points Matching for Velocimetry Measurement
PDF Full text (3052 Kb)

Huiliang Zhao, Lin He, Li Lin
Nonlinear Solution for Digital Instrument Interface Based on Kansei Engineering
PDF Full text (1889 Kb)

Guangcheng Zha, Xiaofan Shi, Wei Zhao, Fanxin Kong, Chuankai Lu1, Menglin Wu
Optimization and Experiment on the Main Direction of Incremental Forming
PDF Full text (2061 Kb)

Xinyu Geng, Hualong Dai, Li Yang
Prediction of Soil Erosion Induced Sediment Production using Fuzzy Neural Network Model
PDF Full text (662 Kb)

Yongfeng Yan, Wenzhou Yan
Diagnosis of Construction Risks in Railway Tunnel Engineering Based on Knowledge Ontology Basis
PDF Full text (2853 Kb)

Wang Zemin, Xue Guangchen, Wang Chu
Array LED Light Source Used with CCD Optical Target
PDF Full text (1120 Kb)

Nan Feng, Cai Sijing, Li Yang
Application of Evidence Conflict Recognition in Coal Spontaneous Combustion Warning
PDF Full text (370 Kb)

Ziyu Huang, Kexue Liu, Yueming Hu,Jianbo Xu
A Direct Method for Estimating Net Radiation from HJ-1B Cloud-Free Data
PDF Full text (1645 Kb)

Yunhua Zhu, Xiao Cai
Convergence and Calculation Speed of Genetic Algorithm in Structural Engineering Optimization
PDF Full text (731 Kb)

Zhang Fengjie, Xia Junwu, Chang Hong, Chang Hongfei, Tan Yongchao
Working Mechanism of Axially-Compressed Short Column of Corroded Thin-walled Concrete-filled Circular Steel Tube
PDF Full text (2679 Kb)

Shoucheng Deng, Qing Wu, Xiumin Chu, Xianqiao Chen, Deshan Chen
Decision Rule Extraction for Maritime Accidents in Inland Rivers Based on Rough Set
PDF Full text (683 Kb)

Yue Wang, Yuyang He, Xudi Chen
Optimization of Land Utilization and Distribution Based on Multi Objective Ant Colony Algorithm
PDF Full text (499 Kb)

Wu Guixiang
Influence of the Surfactant on the Coupling Force between the Object Surface and the Particles
PDF Full text (1122 Kb)

Youguo Shi
Environmental Pollution Assessment System of Indoor Stadium
PDF Full text (391 Kb)

Peng Ding, Juan Xu, Yuele Jia
Dynamic Simulation of Compressible Fluid Network
PDF Full text (665 Kb)

Zhuangwei Huang, Jing Liu
Architecture Plane Layout Simulation Model Based on Probability Optimization Genetic Algorithm
PDF Full text (744 Kb)

Wang Zemin, Jia Tiandan
Three-Dimensional Coordinate Positioning of Aerial Blast Point
PDF Full text (2299 Kb)

Chunxu Qin
ESDD and NSDD of UHV DC Insulator online Prediction Using BP Neural Network
PDF Full text (422 Kb)

Information technologies

Huiling Guo, Wengang Zhou, Yang Zhao
A license plate recognition algorithm based on image processing technology
PDF Full text (1471 Kb)

Liya Wang, Jiankun Shang, Yang Zhao
Prediction of the trend of network attacks based on mechanism analysis method
PDF Full text (1010 Kb)

Jinming Fu, Xuming Yi, Xian Wang, Weiwei Tan
An Improved C-V Level Set Image Segmentation Model Based on Rapid Narrow-Band Method
PDF Full text (1018 Kb)

Yi Chen, Heng Yang, Yihua Lan
An Automatic Method for Pathological Image Stitching
PDF Full text (8093 Kb)

Laizhi Wang
An Improved Energy-efficient Algorithm for MAC Layer of ZigBee Network
PDF Full text (1344 Kb)

Xinchun Wang, Lin Chen, Lifang Chen, Wenying Ren
Models and Algorithms of Uncertain Chance Constrained Programming with the Transportation Problem under Transport Capacity Constraints
PDF Full text (369 Kb)

Xihua Shen, Zhiding Liu, Qian Hu
Optimization of Encryption Algorithm for Administrative Examination and Approval Data
PDF Full text (664 Kb)

YunyanWang, Gaihua Wang, Yihua Lan
PolSAR Image Classification Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network
PDF Full text (1705 Kb)

Yuejun Liu, Jing Su
Application of Model Checking in Software Requirements Analysis
PDF Full text (929 Kb)

Jihong Pang
Early Warning System for Complex Products Quality Improvement using Data Mining and Neural Network
PDF Full text (597 Kb)

Guangbin Sun, Hongqi LI
Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Monitoring System Based on ITIL Framework
PDF Full text (920 Kb)

Krivosheev Dmitry, Jiang Minghui
Industrial Cluster Path Evolution Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
PDF Full text (1791 Kb)

Chen Wendong, He Zhiyi
HOC-Based Generalized Cross-correlation Radar Signal Detection Algorithm
PDF Full text (883 Kb)

Chi Chen, Zhongyi Zhang, Li Chen, Yongbo Lv
Explicit Simulation of the Tacit Knowledge Based on the Pattern Identification Model
PDF Full text (1110 Kb)

Weijian Huang, Hailong Yang
A Hadoop Job Scheduling Algorithm Based on Pagerank
PDF Full text (615 Kb)

Chuan Gu, Min Li
A Multi-Path DSDV-Based Routing Protocol for WIA-PA Network
PDF Full text (657 Kb)

Zhentian Liu
Data Mining in Medical Quality Supervision Based on Improved BP Neural Network
PDF Full text (584 Kb)

Senbo Chen
Resource Scheduling Scheme Based on Improved Frog Leaping Algorithm in Cloud Environment
PDF Full text (918 Kb)

Zhongming Teng, Xuansheng Wang, Jinfu Liu
A Perturbation Bound of the Partitioned Linear Response Eigenvalue Problem
PDF Full text (652 Kb)

Caiyin Wang, Lin Cui, Xiaoyin Wu, Baosheng Yang
Semantic Related Feature Analysis and Dynamic Evolution Based on Topic Temporal Chains under the Social Network
PDF Full text (628 Kb)

Heng Yang
NCache: A Cache Algorithm of SSD in Storage System
PDF Full text (624 Kb)

Chen Juan
Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Solving Continuous Space Optimization Problem
PDF Full text (458 Kb)

Lili Chen, Hongjun Guo
Application of a Multi-factor Model in the Grain Yield Prediction
PDF Full text (643 Kb)

Qi Yin
Hybrid Clustering Scheme for CRM Based on Constraint Optimization RMVHC Algorithm
PDF Full text (735 Kb)

Machine building

Monastyrskiy Yu. A., Potapenko V. V.
Modeling of technological conditions and analysis of events of functioning BELAZ open pit trucks
PDF Full text (1479Kb)

Jian Song, Haoyu Jiang, JunHu
Optimizing Industrial Robot for Picking Liquid Glass
PDF Full text (1322 Kb)

Chunmei Li, Weina Liu
Semi-Active Fuzzy Control for Machine Tool Vibration
PDF Full text (1902 Kb)

Shuang Zhang, Xiaoqin Zhou, Yiqiang Wang, Hua Wang, Hang He
A Measurement Method of Geometric Parameters of Spatial Circle Based on Reference Points.
PDF Full text (1089 Kb)

Ruyang Wu
Gear Weight Optimization Design Model Based on Disturbance and Simulated Annealing Algorithm
PDF Full text (659 Kb)


Omelyanenko Vitaliy
Preconditions analysis of using of technological package concept for development strategy of space metallurgy
PDF Full text (602 Kb)

Materials science

Razumov M.S. ,Gladyshkin A.O. , Yatsun E.I., ZinovkinA.A. , Zubkova O.S.
Selection of rational geometrical parameters of profile of moment transmitted connections
PDF Full text (1335 Kb)

Evstakhy Krizhanіvskiy, Oleg Taraevskiy
Factors determining the intensity of loading of long operated gas pipelines under complex mining and geological conditions
PDF Full text (1573 Kb)

Yang Liu, Lianjun Wang, Lihua Liu, Weiqing Han
Optimization Design of Circulation System for Metal Working Fluid
PDF Full text (1035 Kb)

Mining production

Chen Long, SONG Ying-hua, Guo Xinyao, Wang Zhe
Production field numerical simulation and parameter optimization of Multi-point Hydraulic Fracturing coal seams
PDF Full text (2052 Kb)

Guo Xinyao, SONG Yinghua, Lv Wei, Guo Hui, Li Xuyan
Research of Gas Deposit and Geological Regularity for Coalmine
PDF Full text (1576 Kb)

Olga Burdzieva, Vladimir Golik, Vitaly Komashchenko, Vladimir Morkun
Modelling of rock massifs tension at underground ore mining
PDF Full text (2105 Kb)

Boris Kobilyanskiy
Establishment of existence and extent of interrelation between different data groups characterizing branch operation correlation analysis
PDF Full text (1994 Kb)

Solovjov V.V., Roy N.N.
Investigation of strain-stress state round the borehole massif containing the plastic rocks
PDF Full text (1029 Kb)

Anatoly Gromadskiy, Yuriy Gorbachov, Viktor Gromadskiy
Investigation of influence of operating regime on the productivity and energy costs of roller-bit drilling mills of RBDM-250
PDF Full text (1230 Kb)

Sergiy Tishchenko, Gennady Eremenko, Oleksiy Kukharenko, Andrey Pikilnyak, Irina Gaponenko

Definition of the destruction zone boundaries and particle size distribution of blasted rock mass in the explosion of a single explosive charge in an inorganic medium
PDF Full text (1871 Kb)

Thermal technology

Kalinchak Valeriy, Zinchenko Yuriy, Chernenko Aleksandr, Kuzemko Ruslan
Analytical determination of temperature of ignition and extinction of carbon particles with regard to thermal radiation and simultaneous reactions
PDF Full text (1871 Kb)





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