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Application of metalproducts

Zhishuo Yang, Mingxia Chen
Analysis on the Impact Behavior of Super High Strength Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns
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Igor Lutsenko
Classification of systems and system entities
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Yong Peng, Wangang Wang
Gateway System of a Kind of Intelligent Home
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Andrey Uskov, Vadym Shchokin, Valeriy Huz
Method of automated synthesis of the fuzzy-login systems that controls sintering process
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You Zhuan, He Ren, Li Renhe, Liu Qiongqiong
Analysis on the Stability and Anti-Interference Performance of EHPS System in Pure Electric Bus
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Andrey Uskov, Vadym Shchokin
The numerical analysis method of fuzzy-logic control systems stability of agglomerate sintering process
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Оlga Fursа, Yuriy Gavriluk
Controlling method of rubber architecture containing powdered vulcanizate
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Yuanliang Zhang, Jun Gu, Yongqiang Liu
Control Relevant Discretization of Nonlinear Delayed Non-Affine Systems Using the Matrix Exponential Algorithm
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Kateryna Kolesnikova
Experimental and analytical description of the electric arc furnace processes in creation of computer simulator
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Blast-furnace process

Zinchenko Y.A., Коsolap N.V.
On the prospects for increasing the flow rate of pulverized coal in iron production within the operating conditions of Blast Furnace Shop of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works”
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Mykhailo Sychov, Leonid Kolomiets
Ecological aspects of development of nuclear power industry of Ukraine
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Yamin Zhao, Haowen Ma, Hengzhou Liu
Immobilizing Heavy Metals in Contaminated Sediment by Hydroxyapatite Complex Technology
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Hejun Liang
A Self-Adaptive Prediction Model for Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control
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Lebedeva V. K., Kovalchuk G.K.
Innovation-driven growth model of regional systems of human resources
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Sun Jun-yan, Fu Wei-ping, Wang Wen, Wang Fan
Pricing Mechanism Design and Simulation Based on Swarm Intelligence
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Xianwu Hu
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Supply Chain Supplier Assessment Based on AHP
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Li Shen, Xuedong Zheng
Analysis of Stock Market Value Based on Equity Valuation
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Hao Xiaoyan, Meng Lingjie
Optimization Strategy of Manufacturing Carbon Efficiency
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Krivosheev Dmitry, Jiang Minghui
Industrial Cluster Evolution Based on SOM Neural Network
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Akmaral Utelbaуeva, Rustam Sharipov, Bolysbek Utelbayev, Essen Suleimenov
Investigation of the influence of temporary energy depositions on the structure of aqueous solutions
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Bagdaulet Kenzhaliyev, Ainur Berkinbayeva, Essen Suleimenov
Development of fundamental principles of hydrometallurgical processes for the purpose of efficiency upgrading of metal extraction from low-grade stock
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Engineer pedagogics

Svitlana Hryshchenko
Modern approaches in the study of engineering students
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Yinghan Hong, Guizhen Mai, Zhusong Liu
Learning Tree Network Based on Mutual Information
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Li Shihong, Chen Bin
Discussion on the Experiment Teaching Reform for Electronic Measurement Technology
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Xinyu Li
Application of Cooperative Teaching Method in Engineering Education
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Engineering design

Yang Libo
Design and Analysis of Time-Resistance Conversion Circuit
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Zhigang Lv, Kai Zhou, Peng Wang, Zhijun Shi
Synchronous Measuring System on Time Intervals of Multiplex Pulse-Signals Based on FPGA & ARM 7
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Engineering Science

Tetyana Vasilchenko, Ganna Yavtushenko, Yuliya Bondarenko, Belokon Yurіy
Calculation of planetary drive of mechanical press
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Dmitrichenko N.F., Bilyakovich O.N., Fedyna V.P., Milanenko A.A., Savchuk A.N.
Consideration of service life extension of lubricants
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Xiao Meng, Xianbing Wu
A Calculation Method of Soil Water Resources Based on SCS-CN Model
PDF Full text (485 Kb)

Yiyun Zhu, Jincheng Zhao
Bending Shear Bearing Ultimate Capacity for Hybrid Welding I-Shaped Steel Web Plates
PDF Full text (470 Kb)

Chunhuan Song
Five Sensors Acoustic Array Location Model and Target Signal Recognition Method
PDF Full text (686 Kb)

Hong Chen, Yu-xia Yang
HEVC Motion Estimation Algorithm on Motion Homogeneity
PDF Full text (774 Kb)

Yiyun Zhu, Jincheng Zhao
Tension Field of I-beam under the Action of Bending-shearing
PDF Full text (937 Kb)

Li Guo-ping, Yang Zhang-wei
An Intro-Domain Entity Trust Model Design of Computing Grid
PDF Full text (583 Kb)

Dmitrichenko N. F., Bilyakovich O.M., Savchuk A.N., Turytsia Yu.O., Milanenko O.A.
Evaluation technique of oils tribotechnical characteristics on the basis of their rheological and antifriction properties determination under the conditions of rolling motion and rolling with slipping
PDF Full text (749 Kb)

Hang Liu
Module Parameter Programming Method of Complex Product System Based on Customer Demand Distribution
PDF Full text (547 Kb)

Zhishuo Yang, Yezhi Zhang
Test and Simulation of Basalt Fiber Steel Tubes Concrete
PDF Full text (1562 Kb)

Dan Zou
Quantum Fluctuation in a Mesoscopic Inductor Coupled Circuit with Dissipation
PDF Full text (479 Kb)

Wan Jiapeng
Digital Signal Processing Algorithm of High Speed Digital Circuit in Physical Layer
PDF Full text (1446 Kb)

Yunsong Wang, Tao Cai
Wireless Spectral Prediction by the Modified Echo State Network Based on Leaky Integrate and Fire Neurons
PDF Full text (1766 Kb)

Dmitrichenko N.F., Bilyakovich O.N., Savchuk A.M., Mіlanenko O.A., Turytsia Yu.O.
Method of determination of transmission oils reasonable useful life
PDF Full text (557 Kb)

Belodedenko S.V., Bilichenko G.N.
Quantitative risk-analysis methods and mechanical systems safety
PDF Full text (904 Kb)

Vyshynskyy V.T.,Rakhmanov S.R.,Povorotny V.V.
Research and modernization of the drive of cold-pilgering mills cage
PDF Full text (1088 Kb)

Oginskiy I.K.
New approaches to the definition of power parameters of rolling based on finite volume method
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Nikolay Berezhnoy,Viktoriya Chubenko, Alla Khinotskaya, Valeriy Chubenko
The increase in efficiency of strips production process in foundry and rolling mill stand
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Human resources

Yirui Deng, Jiangwei Si
Seasonal Variation Analysis of Human Resource Supply and Demand Based on Long-Term Trends Decomposition
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Information technologies

Zhaofeng Wang, Yinfei Cui
Art Model Building of 3D Museum Based on Dynamic Octree Algorithm
PDF Full text (562 Kb)

Le Zou, Xiaofeng Wang
Information Matrix Algorithm of Block Based Bivariate Newton-Like Blending Rational Interpolation
PDF Full text (418 Kb)

Gaydabrus B. V., Druzhinin E. A., Kiyko S. G.
Main aspects of project management and development programs of IT-availability of the manufacturing enterprises
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Machine building

Olena Berezshnaya, Julia Chepel, Natalia Tsyvinda, Andrey Pikilnyak
Development of welding equipment for the production of layered tapes
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Li Yang, Nan Feng
A Multi-source Information Fusion Method of Non-identical Evidence Conflicts
PDF Full text (835 Kb)

Materials science

Pavlo Prysyazhnyuk, Dmytro Lutsak, Aristid Vasylyk, Thaer Shihab, Myroslav Burda
Calculation of surface tension and its temperature dependence for liquid Cu-20Ni-20Mn alloy
PDF Full text (470 Kb)

Guangcheng Zha, Jinbo Xu, Xiaofan Shi, Xun Zhou, Chuankai Lu
Forming Process of Automotive Body Panel based on Incremental Forming Technology
PDF Full text (2991 Kb)

Nazyuta L. Yu., Denisenko V. S.
Deoxidizing capacity of aluminum in liquid iron. Literary source review
PDF Full text (986 Kb)

Andriy Dzhus
Study of formation peculiarities of containment and pressure shells of combined containers of high pressure
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Mining production

Valentin Kravets, Vladimir Dvornikov, Gennady Eremenko, Andrey Pikilnyak
Pit walls stability calculation in the cracks field of undermined Kryvbas massif
PDF Full text (566 Kb)

Andreev B. M., Brovko D. V., Khvorost V. V.
Determination of reliability and justification of object parameters on the surface of mines taking into account change-over to the lighter enclosing structures
PDF Full text (608 Kb)

Boris Kobilyanskiy, Anatoly Mnukhin
Application of nonparametric statistics methods for evaluation of some peculiarities of mining production
PDF Full text (509 Kb)

Yuriy Mets, Andriy Levitskyy
Investigation of factors of explosive ore pretreatment intensification at open-pit mines
PDF Full text (811 Kb)

Production control

Vitaliy Omelyanenko
Analysis of strategycal aspects of technology transfer in metallurgy
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Theory of metallurgical process

Bagdaulet Kenzhaliev, Renata Iskhakova, Magzum Sadykov, Ainur Berkinbayeva
Increase of uranium extraction from hardly soluble uranium ores
PDF Full text (640 Kb)

Thermal Technology

Xiaoda Li, Xiangkui Zhang, Ping Hu
Forming Analysis of High Strength Boron Steel in Hot Punching Process
PDF Full text (1186 Kb)





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