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Kunhua Zhu, Shuyan Wu, Qian Li
Prediction Model for Piggery Ammonia Concentration Based on Genetic Algorithm and Optimized BP Neural Network
PDF Full text (656 Kb)

Lei Feng, Chunhui Liang, Suli Zhang
Intelligent Solar Power Management Based on Fuzzy Logic Control
PDF Full text (1481 Kb)

Yanmin Wu, Xianghong Cao
Performance Analysis of Fuzzy RBF Neural Network PID Controller for Simulation Turntable Servo System
PDF Full text (1382 Kb)

Chemistry of metals

Baimbetov B.S., Aitenov K.D., Bekisheva A.A., Abdikerim B.E.
Metallic sulphide and sodium carbonate interacting processes
PDF Full text (1439 Kb)

Die forging

Oleksii Khomenko, Olena Khomenko, Gennadii Bagliuk
Quality assessment of the materials with electro technical purposes produced by drop stamping on their microstructure
PDF Full text (1186 Kb)

Shirokobokov V.V., Obdul D.V., Obdul V.D., Shirokobokova N.V.
Necessity of spesific holddown pressure adjustment when drawing operation
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Erwei Han, Huifeng Xue
Network Structure and Innovation Performance-The Mediating Role of Tacit Knowledge Sharing Behavior
PDF Full text (755 Kb)

Wenqin Cao, Guoping Tu
Analysis of Business Competitive Cooperation Relationship Based on Game Theory
PDF Full text (554 Kb)

Pengbin Gao, Yiduo Song, Jianing Mi
A Meta-analysis of the Relationship between Organizational Improvisation and Performance
PDF Full text (1348 Kb)

Wen Song
Optimal Strategy for the Two-way Cooperation in International Logistics Based on Variational Method
PDF Full text (605 Kb)

Xin Zhang
Supply Chain Management Model of Garment Company With R&D Perspective
PDF Full text (682 Kb)

Jingjing Wu
Eco Economic Development Evaluation Model Based on Fuzzy Theory
PDF Full text (784 Kb)

Engineer pedagogics

Bo Du, Jing Zhang, Yan Zhang, Dongming Li
Learning Ability Evaluation of Online Course Based On SVM
PDF Full text (2772 Kb)

Engineering design

Yuhong Zhou, Yunfang Xie, Limin Shao
High Speed Data Acquisition System for Power Quality Monitoring
PDF Full text (1942 Kb)

Xinxin Wang, Jianlin Zhao, Jinhui Guo, Lijun Wang
Signal Monitoring System for Power Supply with High Current
PDF Full text (3026 Kb)

Engineering science

Xiao Meng, Xianbing Wu, Wuqun Cheng
Water Losses Calculation Model of Irrigation Channel
PDF Full text (511 Kb)

Belodedenko S.V., Chechenev V.A.
Safety protection of blast-furnace jackets when in operation
PDF Full text (712 Kb)

Novikov A.I., Tsybanev G.V.
Influence of operational mode loading on fatigue life with cyclic unstable inelastic materials
PDF Full text (1943 Kb)

Shved S.V., Popolov D.V., Zaselskiy I.V
The evaluation of reliability of the mixer-homogenizer on a basis of the wear of the working organ Calculation
PDF Full text (834 Kb)

Verenev V.V., Podobedov N.I., Korennoy V.V.
New methods of monitoring and diagnostics of the technical state of rolling mills
PDF Full text (610 Kb)

Materials science

H. Dyja, B. Koczurkiewicz, K. Laber, M. Knapiński
Physical simulation of microstructure evolution of the specimens made of 30MnB4 steel
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Chigirinsky V.V., Lenok A. A., Echin S. M.
Determination of integral characteristics of stress state of the point during plastic deformation in conditions of volume loading
PDF Full text (3161 Kb)

Chigirinsky V.V., Putnoki A.Yu.
Analysis and modelling of complex rheologic mediums in conditions of thermomechanical loading
PDF Full text (2698 Kb)

Vasyl Zakusylo, Angela Romanchenko, Roman Zakusylo
Explosive composition on the basis of potassium perchlorate and nitromethane
PDF Full text (602 Kb)

Leila Alieva , Yaroslav Zhbankov
Radial-direct extrusion with a movable mandrel
PDF Full text (1503 Kb)

Alexey Kachan, Sergey Ulanov, Evgeniy Berezovsky
Echnological support of the gas-turbine engine parts bearing capacity by plastic deformation
PDF Full text (1588 Kb)

Chigirinskiy V. V., Shejko S.P., Dyjа H., Knapinski M.
Experimental and theoretical analysis of stress state of plastic medium influence on structural transformations in low-alloy steels
PDF Full text (1588 Kb)

Metalware production

Yuriy Bobarikin , Sergey Avseikov, Yuriy Martyanov
Control of mechanical properties of fine steel carbon wire while drawing
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Mining production

Sergei Golikov ,Natalya Logunova, Sergei Chernyi
Investigation of the processes of enterprise development as a composite of the region's potential in the mining industry
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)


Novorodovska T. S.
Using intellectual property as a competitive advantage of modern enterprise
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Production control

Mazur V.L.
Opportunities and prospects of the ukrainian metallurgy development
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)


Putnoki A.Yu.
Mathematical model of rolling dynamics when filling finishing train of wide-strip mill with strip
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Chigirinsky V.V., Legotkin G.I., Slepynin A.G., Kozlov V.I., Dragobetsky V.V.
Mechanisms of plastic deformation in case of production of thin-walled rolled stock of the special purpose
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Thermal technology

Xiaoda Li, Xiangkui Zhang, Ping Hu, Weijie Liu, Xianghui Zhan
Hot Forming Simulation of Boron Steel Based on Deformation Theory
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Elena Kuznetsova
Evaluation of Heat Enegry Savings After Renovation of a Standard 5-Storey Residential Building
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)

Valeriy Mishchenko, Aleksandr Menyaylo
Control of carburization and decarburization processes of alloy steels at thermochemical and thermal treatment
PDF Full text (4721 Kb)




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