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Vladimir Morkun, Vitaliy Tron
Automation of iron ore raw materials beneficiation with the operational recognition of its varieties in process streams
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
The adaptive control for intensity of ultrasonic influence on iron ore pulp
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Vasiliy Kondratets
Adaptive control of ore pulp thinning in ball mills with the increase of their productivity
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Andrey Kupin
Application of neurocontrol principles and classification optimisation in conditions of sophisticated technological processes of beneficiation complexes
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Marynych I.A.
Reason for application of intelligent systems for disintegrating complex control
PDF Full text (157 Kb)

Olga Porkuian
Adaptive control of ore pulp thinning in ball mills with the increase of their productivity
PDF Full text (119 Kb)

Vadym Shchokin, Viktoriia Tkachuk
Automatization of agglomerative production on the base of application of Neuro-Fuzzy controlling systems of the bottom level
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Constructional design

Storozhenko L. I., Gasii G. M.
Experimental research of strain-stress state of ferrocement slabs of composite reinforced concrete structure elements
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Gennadiy Yesaulov, Andrea Michielan, Aurelio Mortoni, Colloredo Marco, Marco Rinaldi
1.32 Mty greenfield turn-key plant for High Quality Steel Grades at Interpipe
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Machine building

Logvinenko A. A.
Peculiarities of stress calculation of basic parts of valve timing gear of modern locomotive electric power installations
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Kelrykh M.B., Fomin O.V.
Perspective directions of planning carrying systems of gondolas
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Materials science

Didyk R.P.
Hard alloy metal regeneration in shock waves
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Vasyl Zakusylo, Angela Romanchenko
Potassium perchlorate – the component of the low-speed explosive composition
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Mining production

Boris Kobilyanskiy
Prediction of possible injuries at coal enterprises
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Krutov G.V., Savitskyi A. I.
Economic evaluation of efficiency of investments into energy-saving controlled electric drives of conveyers of mining and processing works
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GU Qing-hua, Bai Chun-ni, LI Fa-ben, JOHN Abrand
The optimization and application of cut-off grades of multiple metal open-pit mines based on equivalent grade
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Thermal technology

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
Peculiarities of controlled forming of porous structure
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Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
Heat and mass transfer in fluidized layer
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