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Engineer pedagogics

Mykola Stupnik, Volodymyr Morkun, Zinaida Bakum
Current approaches to the training of mining engineers
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Marina Syraykova
Emotional attitude of specialist to the professional career
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GU Qing-hua, FENG Zhi-dong, LU Cai-wu, JOHN Arand
Automatic Transportation Management System of Vehicles in Open Pit based on 3PGS and GPS
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
Simulation of high-energy ultrasound propagation in heterogeneous medium using k-space method
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Vladimir Morkun, Natalia Morkun, Andrey Pikilnyak
Ultrasonic phased array parameters determination for the gas bubble size distribution control formation in the iron ore flotation
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Mining production

Nikolay Stupnik, Vsevolod Kalinichenko, Valeriy Kolosov, Sergey Pismennyy, Aleksandr Shepel'
Modeling of stopes in soft ores during ore mining
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Radionov V.M.
Development of automatic control system of hydrocyclone based on ultrasonic measurement of input-output parameters
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Machine science

Valeriy Chigarev, Dmitriy Rassokhin
Deformation peculiarities of body of slag car pan
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Anatoliy Ishchenko, Sergey Golinka
Peculiarities of equipment repair of crushing and grading complex with the help of composite
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Mikhail Razumov, Aleksey Gladyshkin, Vladimir Kassikhin, Aleksey Pykhtin, Elena Skripkina
Stress calculation of moment transmitting roll with profile on the base of Reuleaux triangle
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Thermal technology

Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
The processes of heat and mass exchange in the vortex devices
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Anatoliy Pavlenko, Hanna Koshlak, Bohdan Usenko
Basic principles of gas hydrate technologies
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Constructional design

Kiyko S.G., Druzhinin E.A., Koba S.A., Haidabrus B.V.
A mathematical background for information technology of project’s processes integration taking into account risk factors
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Die forging

Kukhar V.V., Vasylevskyi O.V.
Experimental research of distribution of strains and stresses in work-piece at different modes of stretch-forging with rotation in combined dies
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T. R. Bandyopadhyay
Design and Fabrication of a Four-piece Channel Type ESR Mould of Mild Steel
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Vasyl Zakusylo, Anna Efymenko
Development of industrial explosive reducing man-caused impact on the environment
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