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The goal of our project is to create a community of people, interested in knowledge. The focus of the project is innovation, technology, the history of technology development, and materials science. We are interested in expanding the audience of our readers and authors.

We will promote the establishment of business professional ties between scientists, specialists and students. Our team is constantly upgrading the Metaljournal resource.

Please be adviced, that we attach great importance to visualization and popular presentation of material.An important role is played by editing and your feedback in the format of polemics, organization of the personal pages of our partners. In simple words about complicated things. It will be interesting. You can get more information about our project here.


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Rail Venicles: The Resistance To The Movement And The Controllability

Металлургическая и горнорудная промышленность №6

Металл Клуб №3

Metallurgical and mining industry №3