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Engineer pedagogics

Marina Syraykova
Concepts of professional career of future engineers-metallurgists
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Marina Syraykova
Career expectations as the basis of future engineers-metallurgists professional identity
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Marina Syraykova

Free time self-organization of competitive personality
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Ju Jiantao, Lv Zhenlin, Yang Shufeng
Characteristics of Inclusions in Alloying Structural Steel during Refining
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Yang Jing-bo, Yang Shu-feng, Gao Xiang-zhou, Li Jing-she
Sulfur Control in Ultra-Low Sulfur Steel Refined by Ladle Furnace-Vacuum Degassing
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Pipe and tube production

Suleiman Rakhmanov
Mathematical modeling of history of seamless pipes pressing
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Suleiman Rakhmanov
Refined mathematical model of vibroactivity of tube screw-rolling mill mandrel bar
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Thermal technology

Alexei Birukov
Billet СС’s moulds heat engineering parameters monitoring system
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Metallurgy & heat treatment of metals

Alexander Glotka
Analysis of electron-optical studies of experimental alloys of Fe-W and ferrotungsten
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Karpov V.Yur., Komissarchuk O.V.
The influence of plastic deformation on properties of gazars
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Shalomeev V.A., Tsivirko E.I., Vnukov Yur.N., Morozov D.A.

New magnesium alloy with promote properties for automobile construction
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Corrosion protection of metals

Oleg Tarayevs'kyy
Evaluation of circular welds strength capacity with corrosive defects
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Oleg Tarayevs'kyy
Influence of main pipelines continuous exploitation on their physical and chemical properties
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