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Human resources

O.L. Sorochynska /Ph.D in E.S., O.A. Nezlina / Ph.D in E. S./

Professional Hazard Research Analysis during Welding Works

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Materials science

Smirnov S.V

Material Science of Sintered Iron Ore Materials. Part 1 . The Composition and Properties of Sinter

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Talavira Gennady, Doroshenko Alexandra

Peculiarities of Ballastless Bridge Deck Slabs Interaction with the Main Girder of Metal Span Structures of Railway Bridges

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І.І. Kulbovskyi, O.V. Aharkov, V.T. Kyiashko, O.V. Bambura

Analytical aspects of the track facilities functioning efficiency upgrading with considering processes variability>

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Blast-furnace process

S.R. Rakhmanov

Some Distinctive Features Of Piercing Process On A Cross-Roll Piercer

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Pipe and tube production

S.R. Rakhmanov

Some Peculiarities of Operation of Cold Pilgering Tube Mills

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V.L. Mazur, V.I. Timoshenko

Formation of the Strips Surface Macro relief during Rolling with Lubrication

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